Test Track, Typhoon Lagoon and Illuminations

Test Track, Typhoon Lagoon and Illuminations
Epcot, FL

Epcot, FL

The morning was hot but overcast which was quite merciful in a way. We made it to Epcot before opening today so were at the front of the crowds. In fact it was quite a leisurely morning thanks to our use of fastpass.
After we got in, we rode Mission to Mars on the Less Intense Mission. When we first rode this attraction some years ago it had only just opened and it was really dizzymaking. You are spun in a centrifuge to simulate the force of blasting off into space. People were sick so they had to tone it down. It comes in two intensities and as I say we decided to start the day cautiously. After that we went to Ellen’s Energy Adventure which is long attraction starin Ellen Degeneres that is part circlevision film part moving theatre ride that takes you on a journey to Earth at the time fossil fuels were being laid down and dinosaurs ruled. Most enjoyable.
We had a bit of time after that so Lucy and I went back and rode Mission to Mars Intense Level. Yikes! The force is quite something to feel. You are definitely aware of it pressing on your chest and your mouth and face sort of flatten. We got off slightly unsteady on our legs and frankly feeling mildly queasy. Bob and Daisy laughed at our discomfort!!!
A gentle experience was called for so we went on Living With the land, which is a boat ride which explores advances in agricultural science and ecology. You end up going through research greenhouses where they are growing fruit and vegetables vertically and with special feeds. Really enjoyed that
And then we had our last fastpass which was TestTrack, a fantastic attraction from Chevrolet motors. You design a car and then get into a little “test” car which runs though some trials of your design ending with you speeding round an outside track at about 59 mph. Really excellent ride. Most enjoyable. A very definite plus for fasttrack. We more or less walked on at our allotted fastpass time, the standby line for those without, was over 2 hours.
We then walked around the lagoon to start visiting some of the countries we missed yesterday. First Mexico. We were hungry by then so we ate in the less formal of the two Mexican restaurants, sharing some tacos, guacamole and nachos. We then explored the Mexican pavilion which is particularly beautiful and colourful inside, themed like the piazza of a Mexican town on a festival day. There is a little boat ride attraction too which develops the fiesta theme.
After that we walked around Norway and China. China had beautiful gardens and an excellent circlevision film showing the many spectacular regions of the country.
By this time it was about 2pm and the clouds had disappeared and it was scorching hot. We decided to go to Typhoon Lagoon for a swim for a couple of hours and come back later. It is such a long walk to get out of the park. I wish I knew how many miles we are walking. My feet certainly know all about it.
Anyway, we had a lovely few hours on the Lazy River at Typhoon Lagoon. We managed to get Lulu under a few of the torrents and soaked her to much fun and hilarity. Left there around 5pm and went home for showers and a quick dinner of hamburgers and salads. Then back to Epcot for the evening.
Bob and I wanted to see the Great American Adventure show but we were about 2 minutes late and couldn’t get in. Lucy and Daisy were back in Mexico as Lucy wanted to visit the Tequila Cave. We joined them there for a little while. I was feeling a bit the worse for wear by then. Combination of sore feet, sore hip, heat and thirst…. We then had to walk all the way back around the lagoon to the viewing area for fastpass viewing of Illuminations.
Illuminations is the wonderful nighttime show at Epcot which takes place in and around the lagoon. They have barges in the lagoon which have fire, lasers and a massive firework display. There are coloured fountains, a Giant Earth that rotates with pictures displayed on it, oh and did I mention the massive firework display. It all lasts about 12 minutes and is incredibly spectacular. Fantastic. After that we limped our way out and back to the car and got home exhausted about 10pm. A long but good day. May have to have a rest coming up soon (haha fat chance) as the heat is quite wearying. Will sleep well tonight.

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