Mummies, Transformers, The Simpsons and Shrek…

Mummies, Transformers, The Simpsons and Shrek…
Universal Studios Florida, FL

Universal Studios Florida, FL

Another blisteringly hot day. We were up early and headed back to Universal Studios to visit the non-Harry attractions this time. The park was due to open at 9 but when we arrived, worryingly we were not on the top level of the car park and when we got to the ticket barrier, it was already open. They were letting resort guests in at 8 and non resort guests just a short way in and then stopped at a second barrier. I asked the man at the inner barrier what time they would open for non resort guests and he was nice enough after checking our tickets to let us in as well!!! So we were in the park by 815. Everyone was heading straight for Harry Potter whch was one of the few rides open at that time. We opted for Despicable Me instead which was a brilliant 3D simulation ride based on the cartoons of the same name. Loved it. Then we went onto Twister which was based on the movie and put you in the middle of a tornado. Had the bizarre experience of being the only people in the theatre for that one. Then onto Transformers again walking right in. This was a fantastic 3D simulation/rollercoaster ride, brilliant graphics. Very intense effects. Straight onto the Mummy ride. Blimey this was an exciting one. A rollercoaster in the dark being chased by the mummy and coming up against him at every turn. We came out and wandered through Hollywood to the area where ET is. A lovely ride with pretty scenes. You ride on bikes across space with ET to et to his home planet. Then into the Simpsons area where we rode another 3D simulator ride. Very different being a cartoon base but no less intense. The theme was a ride to the funfair where Crusty tiries to murder them all by sabotaging the rides. It was great but made Bob and Lucy even more queasy.Only one more ride in that area which was Men ln Black a shoot em up spinning ride where we used laser guns to bring down hostile aliens. It was time to take a break. It was about 1130 by now so we walked back to Hollywood Boulevard and went into Mel’s Diner. I find I enjoy the kids meals at these parks. They are inevitably what I would call adult size portions and jyou generally et a good lunch for about 6.99$
Some of the characters were coming out now and we met the Simpson family and Daisy had a picture with them. I bumped into Marilyn Monroe. There are lovely vintage cars all the way along. Nicely themed area. We mooched in the shops and visited the tribute to Lucy.
We werer due to see the Shrek 4D show but Lucy and Bob saw 4D and baled out. Daisy and I went in and it was 4D but you sat in a theatre that sort of vibrated and moved. It was not a simulator ride at all so they could have come in and enjoyed it. Cute ride.
By now it was 1pm and the heat was brutal again. Easily in the 100sF. We decided to call it a day and headed off. . Called at Walmart on the way home to pick up a few supplies. Lucy was eyeing up some stuff for her new home Will have to have a proper return visit.
Then, such a lovely evening. Fran, Dave, David, and Stacy came over and we had a great visit. Sat around in our condo for a while having snacks and margaritas and catching up. Then we went out to Bahama Breeze restaurant for dinner, more cocktails and more catching up. So very ncie to see everyone again. Had been maybe 7 years since we’d seen David and he is now at Georgetown Law School after much hard work, well deserved. We will see them aain in early July but it was nice for the girls to meet teveryone again.

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