More Pottering and Sad Farewells

More Pottering and Sad Farewells
Universal Studios, FL

Universal Studios, FL

The girls gave Bob a Father’s Day surprise with some presents and a card. Then we set off for Universal Studios for Lucy’s last visit. We were there early as it was early opening but unfortunately this time we could not get in. We had a coffee and then we walked around the lake and by the time we got to the end, they dropped the barrier and we walked into Diagon Alley. Despite the low crowd numbers it was already quite crowded due to the early morning for resort guests. We opted to ride Escape from Gringotts as single riders which meant we just about walked on. It’s a great way to cope with large crowds on rides where you don’t mind your party being split up.
Then we got on the Hogwarts express and took the trop to Hogsmead . The girls rode the Duelling Dragons while Bob and I looked around the village marvelling again at the level of detail. The shops have little magic displays in them that come to life if you use your wand. Some are alive anyway. In the roof of one shaded seating area there are lots of animatronic owls that blink and move. There is even owl poo around their perches!
Rode back to Diagon Alley and explored there then walked back through the park to The Mummy and had a ride on that. Very thrilling . Stopped for a snack and then caught the 11am Terminator show. This is an excellent attraction that is a mx of live show, 3D film and animatronics. Basically you join Arnie, John Connor and his mother (played by stunt actors) as they merge in and out of the film and huge terminator robots fire from the walls. The theatre seats themselves jolt and move too. Very good.
And that was that! We walked back to the car and drove to the condo. Stopped on the way to pick up some lunch stuff. Had a decent lunch at home while lu finished her packing. We took her to the airport for 330 and she got away on time. She has to work tomorrow poor thing. Very sad to see her go. Its been 3 years since we’ve had a holiday all four of us together. It was a lot of fun and I hope we can manage to do it again sooner than another 3 years! It will be interesting to know how the building work has progressed n her absence.
We all packed this afternoon as we have a full day out planned tomorrow before we take Daisy to the airport for 530. We have to be out of the condo tomorrow by lunchtime but we will check out early and they will store our bags for us. Its been a great 2 weeks here but with the girls going we will be ready to move on and have a change. god knows my feet will be lad of a break. We come back to Orlando at the end of the holiday but it will be different as we probably will hardly visit the theme parks at all. Maybe one day and some water park days.
This evening we went to the Point complex in Orlando for dinner and a movie. We had a fantastic sushi dinner in a place down there . They were offering happy hour prices on drinks and sushi for Father’s Day . Great Deal. Then we went to see Entourage which was most enjoyable. Loved the tv series and loved the movie. Felt quite sad when it ended and realised we probably won’t see those characters again.
Still 95F at 9pm tonight. Lucy is half way home over Newfoundland.

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