Miami Heat!

Miami Heat!
Miami, FL

Miami, FL

We didn’t even wake up till about 930!!!! That’s unheard of. Had a quick breakfast and then headed out to the shops. I wanted to revisit Ann Taylor and their sale. Looked them up and found they were in the Miami International Mall which is just 2 miles from us. Headed over there but …… they had moved!!!! Had a good shop fuddle in The Limited. got myself a fabulous cardigan,really good wool and very soft. Much like ones I have bought in the White Company at home. Amazing sale though. I got it for about a tenner.
So we drove to another mall a couple of miles away and they had an Ann Taylor and so I shopped in their sale. Got myself two brilliant long cotton shirts and some Xmas prezzies for the girls. Everything was 50% off and that included items that were already on sale at 60% off. Lovely quality clothes.
Bob had a good look around Brookstone which is a big favourite of his. It has loads of gadgets in it of all sorts. He bought a towel that you wet and it becomes icy which he thought would be great for golf and he also got some balls that you use to clean pc or tv screens. Have tried them and they were brilliant. He can try the towel tomorrow.
Went to Walmart and did a big shop for the week. Have decided to eat in down here and then eat out more in Orlando . Bought some good steaks and some more ribs. Did not buy any ice cream or anything like that which was quite hard as they have so very much that looks fabulous.
Came back and had a lazy afternoon at the resort. We are right next to the swimming pool. Tonight Bob was bbq chef and cooked us up a couple of the steaks. They were just unbelievably good. Two special cut ribeyes we got this afternoon. About a 3/4 inch thick and just so tender and juicy, they barely needed anything else. Now, you might think , huh, what do Brits know of steaks, they would be happy with two shoe soles and a bit of gristle on the side. Well, in our defence, we did live in Chicago , the home of beef for three years, and we’ve eaten a few steaks in our time. These were very good and tremendous value at around a kg in weight for £12.
Bob has found that there is a nice course literally down the road from us called Costa Del Sol Golf Club so he’s booked a round there tomorrow morning. Its longer than the one in Delray and looks more challenging so will be interesting to see how he gets on. All the Doral National courses are booked up all week so no question of playing one of them even if he did want to stump up $100.
Had Skype sessions with Harriet who seems to have mastered it. Then FT with both girls. Lu has a very busy week ahead as she is moving into her new flat next weekend and the building work will NOT be finished. All the furniture etc is coming on Friday too. Much to do. She has handled it amazingly considering she is doing it all on her own with only us on remote access for advice. Looking forward to pictures.
After dinner we watched the Despicable Me movie on tv. Bob fell in love with Gru and the Minions when we were at Universal. Will have to see the new Minions movie no doubt.

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