Movin Day Blues!

1.1435773099.our-condo-in-miamiMovin Day Blues!
Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Well, a rather mixed day which brings home the issues with being a long way from home at important times. We were woken up at 530 by multiple messages beeping in on Bob’s Ipad. Turned out to be from Lucy who was in a great state of upset as her first delivery which was a modular sofa couldn’t pass through the outer door of her building to get up the stairs. The deliverymen were pretty rude too and reduced her to tears. It would appear that her only option is to have one of the larger windows upstairs removed (only the opening bits) and then have it delivered that way. We were pretty puzzled by all of this especially in our sleepy befuddled state but looking on the internet this appears to be a reasonably regular happening in London. Then the bulk of her furniture arrived and the delivery men struggled with the double wardrobes. It looked like that was going to be another disaster but they were much nicer and took off her outer door and then managed to et it all in. What a relief.
Then the dishwasher and tv delivery turned up and then the Sky men…… By about 2pm UK time we facetimed her to find her surrounded by packing cases and wondering if it was all going to stack up with at least 2 rooms out of action still with building. We felt very helpless and wished so much we could be of more practical use. Very stressful feeling.
Bob went off about 930 our time to play golf and I could only imagine it wasn’t going to be good because he was so tense. I stayed by the pool and spoke to Lu a few times. The day did get better. She had employed two furniture setter uppers to come along and put together the wooden furniture. It doesn’t come flatpacked , its all built but you still need to put wardrobes onto plinths, turn door and drawer handles right way round and do minor things like that. By the end of the day she had the small double bedroom and the lounge all furnished and looking nice. Obviously the lounge doesn’t have a sofa…… as yet…… We wonder if the sofa would have come through if the first delivery men had been prepared to take the outer door off like the second lot were….. the window option seems drastic but……
Bob came back about 1. He’d managed to go around in 96 so a couple of strokes worse than yesterday but still, consistently under the 100 which is I am told a major turning point. We lay out by the pool for what remained of the afternoon. Marriott gave us a free margarita each which was very delicious and went to our heads rather.
Came in about 4 as we’d arranged to facetime Daisy. She was fine. Pushing on with the dissertation today. I cooked dinner tonight. Chicken Mexican style with tortillas and home made guacamole. I love my guacamole if I say so myself.
Had a last facetime with Lu and she was very much more cheerful and sanguine about the whole day. It’s going t be a tough weekend but another couple of weeks and all will be fine. She was very cheered to get a personal email from Charles Campion , the food critic often on Masterchef inviting her to be one of 5 foodies going with him on some press jaunt to Northern Ireland at the beginning of October.
So, off on our travels again tomorrow. Back to Orlando. It’s going to be a different stay as we will have minimal theme park visits, Maybe one day in Epcot to do the things we didn’t quite manage before and maybe one day in a water park. It’s going to be even busier than when we were there with the girls so that isn’t very enticing. We will keep our tickets for better times. Tomorrow is Independence Day so we will try and find some fireworks to view.