Gloria’s Last Day, Village Fete Hindu Style

Gloria’s Last Day, Village Fete Hindu Style
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Today was Gloria’s last full day with us. She departs for Kathmandhu tomorrow morning after breakfast. We thought for a while we would have her for a few days longer because there are massive power and utility cutoffs back in Nepal and her house is without electricity and water. But, it proved complicated to rearrange her flight and her room at Ishmael’s is already booked out so in the end she decided to go home but stay at a friend’s house till power is restored to her side of the city.
We had a good morning on the beach with her anyway and then she went back for a lunch which Ishmael was cooking for all his guests. Sounded amazing, so many dishes.
This weekend is the village festival at the Hindu temple in Patnem. As far as I can understand it is not a particular religious occasion but it is a village affair. The god is brought from Chaudhi to the temple here and then there are a number of festivities both religious and community. Today there were some religious ceremonies and meetings plus a massive free feast for all comers Hindu or not. Soooo much food. Then tonight there was music there. The temple is decorated with many fairy lights for the occasion and it looks very festive.
Joe and Janet took the family to Chaudhi for the afternoon as there was a Disney film showing at Octopus for the children. Nice sandwiches and free popcorn. They also bought some bindi and bangles in one of the shops.
tonight we had drinks at Joe and Janet’s room and then had dinner at Roundcube which has definitely become our favourite beach venue. It is just amazing how much it has improved because in previous years it has stood totally empty. I walked to the temple first though and got some pictures of the lights and listened to the music.
Walked back with Gloria and then met Eva and Marylyn as we passed their house. They came out to the gate and Eva gave us a lovely mandarin orange, saying “love is sharing”. They are such nice people.

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