Hairdryer Wind!

6.1466440257.golden-bayHairdryer Wind!
Malta, Malta

Malta, Malta

Another totally boiling day but with a crazy strong wind – felt like a hairdryer on hot going full blast at you. We decided against diving today. All the places we wanted to go would have been right in the face of it. Plus to be honest we were really tired from yesterday and a disturbed night. So, had a lie-in, a nice breakfast and then we pegged our around the pool. All the umbrellas were stowed because of the wind but we found shade under some olive trees.
Spent the day swimming and reading. Came up and had some lunch in the apartment and then back down again. It was still boiling when we left at about 6pm. Bob went to Maltaqua in the afternoon and swapped our cylinders so that hopefully we can dive tomorrow morning.
The time with Daisy has gone so fast. We have only a few days now. It’s been a fabulous time and we will all definitely be back again here.