Dinner in Palolem

7.1484332189.ladies-in-salida-laneDinner in Palolem
Palolem, India

Palolem, India

Very quiet on the beach today and just a tad cooler. Bob went into Chowdi first thing to go to the optician to choose some new glasses. I was supposed to go too but when I fished out my eye prescription, I’d brought the contact lens one and not the glasses one. So, have emailed Specsavers to get it emailed to me. Glasses here are so very cheap. Bob ordered a pair today, nice frames, varifocals, good quality lenses, reactolite, antiglare etc for £65. It’s too cheap not to get a couple of pairs
Tonight we got tuk tuk into Palolem and met John, Sue, Nick and Jan for dinner at Dropadi. Dropadi is the big sister restaurant to April20. It’s a very similar menu but a very different atmosphere. April20 is very laid back: Dropadi is busy and buzzy. I had a paneer dish with corn and spinach. Bob had a chicken breast rolled around fruit and nuts and in a masala gravy. All the dishes were so nice and very large portions.
Palolem itself is very lively, especially at night. There are lots of little shops, some with really interesting products. Nice bags.

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