Back to the Beach

7.1486460923.lantern-fillingBack to the Beach
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

The winds and storm at sea have disappeared now leaving the waters as placid as they were before. The only evidence of the breakers is a 2 foot “cliff” the waves have worn in the beach sand at the high tide mark. Not sure whet they will do about it. Nothing I suppose, just let it be gradually worn back to a gentle slope again.
Had a lot of swims today and running on the spot. Bob went into Chaudhi late in the afternoon to pick up his new glasses and to get me a new strap for my Animal swimming watch. My old one which is secured by Velcro was getting a bit dodgy and I have had to grab it a few times this holiday as it floated off. His new glasses are really nice and a great bargain. I must crack on and order mine.
We talked about our ceremony for Janet last night and everyone felt it had been a moving occasion which she would have liked. I still cannot believe how high and far those lanterns flew while Ye She chanted. It was amazing.
Tonight we had a Goan feast at our hotel. Clive and Marylyn put on a load of Goan specialities for us and we had a good group – 15 in number as the Cyprus Four came down from the Tubki to join us! All very nice. Goan food has definite Portugese influences and can be very spicy but we’d asked for it to be mild. So we had a chicken dish, a vegetable/potato bake, chorizo and onion stew, pork shops grilled, Goan salad, grilled mackerel, rice and fresh bread. For dessert there was a most delicious cardamom and chick pea semolina pudding. Sounds a bit weird I know but it was really nice. I love cardamon so it was perfect for me. Very nice to sit out under the stars and chat.