Leavings…. Russian Standoff!

7.1485124335.josephLeavings…. Russian Standoff!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Our multi site feud with the revolting Russians continues. Pamela and Eddie are plagued by their late night partying at the Tubki (till 2am last night) and they continue to take over at Salida. This morning I arrived at 825 to find every single beach lounger had a book on it. Nobody in sight and the restaurant empty, but every lounger “taken”. When I enquired with the boys, they looked sheepish and hastened to roll me out two of the “movable” ones which are not as good or rather the umbrellas are not as good. I had breakfast and lay down and all the loungers stayed conspicuously empty till about 1130 when the Russians rocked up and claimed them all. Then it emerged that serious money had changed hands to the boys last night to claim the loungers on their behalf. Now, I don’t mind if guests staying at Salida get preferential treatment, or obviously people who beat me to the beach. But I draw the line at being financially outbid by this skanky crew. So, tomorrow we are out and about but if it continues, we will sadly have to go elsewhere.
Last night was Roz and David’s last night with us before flying onto Singapore and then Australia. We ate down at Salida (obviously missing the opportunity to corrupt the boys) and had a really nice evening.
Today we lounged at Salida and had a lot of swimming. Tonight we ate at Eve and Gloria came out and dined too. Ann and her husband came up and joined us and of course Pamela and Eddie, Joseph and Janet. We just ordered off the menu – not a buffet – and enjoyed being out under the stars. Good to see Gloria out again. She is getting on with her walker but not up to steps yet so we wheelchaired her out, carrying it and her down the few steps. A really nice time.
Tomorrow is Joseph and Janet’s last day before they head off for Nepal on Friday. Also Ye She’s as she is also heading to Kathmandu. GIanna is arriving tomorrow night and it is Bob’s birthday, so a good day ahead.