Secrets and Lies…. and Lies….
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

More surprise arrivals for Eddie’s birthday yesterday. More secret whisperings in the sea…. Pam and Eddie’s friends, Linda and Mike, arrived after a 6 week tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand to spend their last week in Patnem. Poor Eddie will never trust a woman again or eat a meal without looking over his shoulder!!!!

After a day on the beach we walked down to the Tubki to join them for dinner last night. Most pleasant.

Today, we spent on the beach. Eddie, Pamela, Lee and Jane played a round of golf in the morning and then came and joined us sun–lounging. Some funny sights today crowned by a horned cow being chased along the beach at full gallop by a pack of shack dogs!!!! The dolphins were really close in shore. Bob and I were out swimming and one bobbed up about 20 feet away and jumped through the swell.

Tonight we went into Palolem. Bob bought me a ring last year and it was about a half a size too small. Have totally failed to find a jeweller willing to resize it in the UK because both shanks have lots of little diamonds set in and apparently it was too labour intensive. I brought it
out to India because I thought perhaps that wouldn’t be such a big deal out here. Took it along to the jeweller in Palolem that we have bought from before and he is very happy to do it and is making me ear rings to match. We can go to see them/pick them up on Thursday night. Very excited.

Met the rest of the gang for dinner at Dropadi. Buzzy as usual and great food. I had the dal Balti. 4 different types of beans and lentils in a rich gravy with tomato and melted cheese on top. Just delicious. But everything is delicious at Dropadi….