Beach Day and Dinner


We were both feeling so much better today.  Still a bit of cold around, but a tonne better than yesterday.. That rum grog really worked a treat!  I highly recommend it.  Much nicer than Lemsip.

The day followed the usual pattern.  Down to Salida about 0830. Establish beach loungers at Salida and then breakfast.  I had my usual boiled eggs.  Bob had banana porridge.  Lashings of tea.  Nick and Jan arrived as we were finishing up and we chatted.  Later Sue and John arrived.  Everyone except me has now been into Chaudhi and ordered up new glasses and got mobile phones sorted out.  I will go in on Monday.

The morning was spent swimming, sunning, reading, chatting and…. repeat.  Then about 1pm we went into the shack and had a bit of lunch.  I don’t normally have lunch but I felt a bit peckish today so I had a dal fry.  Its a little bowl of herby spiced lentil stew.  Bob had a massive cheese and tomato toastie with salad and chips.

After lunch I returned to my lounger and repeated the mornings activities.  Bob stayed in the shack and played scrabble and cribbage with the gang.

We retired from the beach at about 4pm and came back and showered off.  Can there be anything more enjoyable than that shower when you get back from the beach all sandy and salty???? Well… don’t answer that…. but it takes a lot of beating.

Tonight we went back to the beach and ate in a new place (to us).  Shivas.  They had a happy hour, two for one cocktails.  Bob and I went for Gimlets – they were absolutely delicious.  We had two rounds during the course of the evening.  Then, I had palak paneer for dinner and Bob had prawn dopiaza, peas pilau, and a chick pea naan.  Everything was yummy.  So lovely to sit out under the stars with the waves lapping just a few feet away.

Tonight is the Silent Disco at Neptune’s Point, 2 bays down from us.  We could see the lasers start up towards the end of dinner, although the actual club doesn’t start till about 11 or later.  Everyone wears headphones so that there is no noise pollution.  There are three djs spinning 3 completely different types of music and you tune your headphones to the channel you want.  It must look completely weird but it’s incredibly popular.  It used to be the biggest club in our area but now there is another one on a Friday night, Leopard Valley, named because its in a valley which has a lot of…. :)…. yep…. leopards…..  Its nice that Goa has all these options but I’m really glad Patnem has none of them and is still the same rather quiet place its always been.

Came back and had a last nightcap in the bar at Eves.  It was Clive’s birthday today and everyone found slices of chocolate birthday cake in their fridge!!  Such a lovely couple and so deserving of the success of the hotel and restaurant this year.