Departures and Arrivals


Feeling just about back to normal today.  I think the sun really helps you throw off a cold.  Anyway, glad to be feeling better.

Today was Frede’s last day…. or she thought it was.  In fact her flight is tomorrow, a day later than she was expecting so she went off to Margao and stayed at the very wonderful Casa Susegad boutique hotel for a night, a bit nearer the airport too.  Sad to wave goodbye.

We spent the day on the beach as usual.  Bob played games all afternoon.  I swam more and read.

Our dear friend Gloria arrived at about 5pm.  She has been down in Kerala staying at an ayervedic health spa for 2 weeks.  It sounds amazing and very reasonably priced – Raja Island Resort.  I must try it in a future year.  Sounded amazing.  We all went down to the beach for dinner to another “new to us” shack:  “Hari Rama”.  It was two for one cocktails.  Bob and I had gin martinis which it must be said were really horrible.  How you make a martini sweet I do not know but they managed it.  The food was good though.  I had a chicken sagwala which is small pieces of chicken cooked in a spinach sauce.  Bob had chicken dopiaza with rice and a butter naan.  The whole lot came to about a tenner.

The sunset at the beach tonight was beautiful and then followed up by the huge full moon rising over the land.  I just love sitting out there.  We have little torches to help guide us along.  Beach sellers come along selling them and also other funky light things.  Lots of live music up and down the beach tonight.  We walked back up through the beach road, vaguely window shopping in the little shops.  Bob needs some new beach trousers but we didn’t really see any.  Had a nightcap in the courtyard at Eve’s and then all turned in.