Massages and Shopping in Palolem


We wandered down to the beach for breakfast at about 0830 as normal.

Bob has had a few aches and pains for a few weeks now: shoulder and lower back.  His thumbs were also aching before we left the UK but the sunshine seems to have cleared that up.  Anyway, he decided to try a massage this morning.  Right behind Salida, there is a small massage facility run by a chap called Daddu.  He’s been there for a few years now and has a very good reputation.  Unlike many, he is university trained as a physiotherapist, and has travelled the world with various sports teams practising his healing massages.  Bob managed to get a slot with him at midday.  He’s more expensive than other masseurs operating  in the area – £25 for an hour – but you get what you pay for.  Anyway, he gave Bob a good going over from head to toe and also gave him some exercises to do back in the room.  Bob is going back in 3 days time for another massage.  Hoping it helps.

I kept up with my reading.  We had some unusual visitors on the beach today.  A family of cows and bison decided to wander across.  They were in no hurry, just took their time.  There were some calves amongst them.

This evening Gloria and I went on ahead of the others to Palolem to have a look around the shops.  There are many more shops there than in Patnem, and some of them are quite sophisticated these days, not just the usual hippy gear, Kashmiri bed hangings etc that many of them stock.  Saw lots of lovely things but didn’t actually buy anything.

At 7pm we all met up at Dropadi, the restaurant just above the beach that we like a lot.  They had saved us a front line table.  There were 6 of us, Nick and Jan decided on a quiet night in the hotel.  Had a great dinner.  Jules and I shared a crab which was just delicious.  Very simple, creamy and utterly yum.  Had a great evening with lots of chat.  Came back to Eve’s by tuk and had a quick nightcap then turned in.