Dinner by the River


We had a lovely quiet day at the beach in Patnem today, following our usual pattern.  Reading, swimming and sunbathing in the morning.  Then Bob played games in the afternoon and I actually slept!!!

Tonight we went to a lovely new (to me) restaurant right in the heart of Patnem village on the river.link

Really quirky design, lovely natural wood huts and restaurant and atmospheric lighting.  We were a group of 7, and when we got there, over a little footbridge, there was a big birthday party already in full swing for a lady called Lola, who was 80!!!  We knew some of the attendees, Mark and his wife, Kate, and some of the others too.  Sharon, who owns an amazing flat near us…  They were having a great time, with live music and a big cake.  We had a bit of that too!  The food was very good, very rich sauces.  Would definitely go back again.  The young Australian couple who are running it are going back to Oz towards the end of February though, so not sure if it is open after that.

Came back and had a nightcap at Eve’s.  Very tired tonight, ironically, as have done very little today and slept for a couple of hours this afternoon.  Maybe its the heat.