The Gang’s All Here!


Lucy and her friends arrived safely in the middle of the night and were all still abed when we went down to Salida at breakfast time.  A couple more of our group were stricken overnight: Joe and David.  Possibly coincidentally the room partners of Penny and Chris who had been stricken the night before and were now thankfully fully recovered.  David was up and about but Joe had a day in his room to be near “facilities”!!

The girls’ group began to wake up about 9ish and I had marigold garlands for all of them!  They’re such a nice crowd and I can tell they are going to have a fantastic time here and will love it as we do.  It is lovely for us to have Lucy here too now.  We can snatch some precious family time with both girls.

The day itself was spent in a lot of swimming, sunbathing and eating.  The sea was gorgeous today.  Dave and Sheena were taking full advantage and Sheena is beginning to turn colour already.  They are already loving Patnem.  As are Maureen and Ali.  Planning return visits with some of their friends!  This place has become a network of interconnecting friendship groups.  It does make for a wonderfully congenial atmosphere.  Definitely very Best Exotic Marigold.  We are all “of an age” and yet coming here gives us the opportunity to have a wonderful social life more easily than at home, or to be solitary when we want to be.  We can be active.  We can avoid the depressingly relentless 24 hour news which raises the blood pressure to boiling point!!!  It’s cheap – you can eat out as often as you like…. a fine way to spend the winter.

I left the beach at 330 in a tuk tuk with Kirsten and Bene, two of Lulu’s friends, to go to the Amore beauty salon in Palolem to get a pedicure and a manicure.  The girls had the same.  Its the only place around here that offers gel polish which is more longlasting.  We were soon looking much more glamorous!

Tonight all 20 of us ate at Dropadi in Palolem.  Joe had made enough of a recovery to join in although he didn’t eat much.  We had to reserve of course, that place is just so popular and rightly so.  Always great food and spot on service.  There were strawberry daquiris dotted around the table and a very funny and convivial evening with much laughter.

Back to Eve’s for a couple of nightcaps and then turned in leaving much of the party still underway!  I’m sure the young crowd at Salida caroused on too!