Sunset and Cocktails…

It was a particularly clear blue sky today and we thought it might be a special sunset so made our evening plans accordingly. There’s a lovely little ramshackle cocktail bar on the next cove north of Patnem, Colomb. Its huge open bar looks out across the rocky cove due west, so they are very popular for sunset cocktails. Boomshankar is the name. We’ve been going there for a long time now.

Our day was spent in the normal way, on the beach, walking, swimming, playing games in the shack….. we went back to Eve’s at about 330 – Earlier than we usually do so that we could shower off and then set off for sunset. We all met up at 510 and walked in the trees behind the beach to Boomshankar. We were lucky enough to get a table directly overlooking the bay which was lovely.

The cocktails are £2.50 and they are STRONG. I had 2 in the 90 minutes we were there and I was definitely….errr…. tiddly…. when we left. The sunset was spectacular. It travels fast here, you have to be quick with the camera or it’s down behind the horizon. A beautiful way to end a sunny day.

We walked around the corner of Patnem Beach to a restaurant called Magic View for dinner. It looks our directly down the length of the beach, hence the name. It offers genuine Italian food which is nice for a change every now and then. Our party was split between pizzas and pasta, all freshly made. They have proper pizza wood ovens. I had gorgonzola pasta which was absolutely delicious. The pizzas were amazing, very thin crust and huge. It’s no more expensive than anywhere else.

We tuk’d back to Eve’s and turned in pretty quick.

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