Medical Tourism

One of Daisy’s aims in coming to Northern Cyprus was to get some medical procedures done that she couldn’t get in the UK – or not in a timescale or a price bracket that worked for her. There are a number of private hospitals here that offer fantastic medical services at a speed and a price that puts the NHS and the UK private sector to shame and in state of the art premises too. She wanted to have a full health check, like Bob and I have had before ie a battery of blood tests, stool test, urine test, mammogram, cervical smear, chest x ray, abdominal ultrasound, ecg, bone density scan as the basics and then a couple of extras – the CA125 blood test that detects the tags of some hard to spot cancers (ovarian, etc) and she wanted to know her blood type. These tests are offered at all the hospitals and following the tests, you return for a walkthrough of the results with a consultant, and then you can schedule any treatments that may be necessary – if any are. There is seldom any waiting time for these tests. Daisy booked last week.

So this morning we turned up at 1015 with 2 samples and an English speaking guide escorted us straight into the laboratory area where they took Daisy’s blood samples. She was pretty nervous about this, but it took less than a minute and she said it was totally painless. She was so relieved and surprised I think. Then we were escorted downstairs to the radiology and scanning area where all those procedures took place. Literally one after the other, no waiting at all, in and out. Finally we were taken up to the cardio department where the ecg took place. I suppose it took about an hour from start to finish. We should get a call in 2 to 3 days to come back and review the results with the docs. The full health check plus the CA test and the blood typing was £96. Daisy is temping at a medical lab in London and she said they charge £45 for blood typing alone.

After that Daisy had made an appointment to see the consultant dermatologist about getting some moles removed. She has an annual (slipped to 18 monthly) mole mapping session at one of the NHS London hospitals and they examine her from head to foot and map out each mole. However, they will not remove any moles that are benign even if they are growing. That has to be done privately and the current charge for mole removal is £250 per mole. Anyway, a very nice doctor – perfect English – examined Daisy from head to toe and took special notice of the 4 moles she wanted to have removed. He looked at them through a special eye piece and touched them too. He said that they were all benign but that they would grow over time and that although they didn’t need removing, he would do it, if she wanted. They discussed the procedure and the cost – £20 per mole…….. She could have it done any day of the week, but afterwards she needed to keep out of the sun, the sea or the pool for 7-14 days. So, she is having it done the day before flying back to the UK and then a week later she will need to get the stitches taken out somewhere, hopefully her gp. She was amazed at the difference in price. The consultation cost £15 and the removals will be £80. A fantastic restult and service.

I am going to tell people about the medical services here because for minor procedures or even indeed major ones of a non urgent nature, it could be a great place to come. There are plenty of places to recuperate before and after (even Villa Rockheart) and facilities are absolutely first class at a fraction of what it would cost at home. Our friends have had knee and hip replacements here with excellent results too. Certainly Bob and I have no doubt that should we need non urgent medical treatment, we will come here for it and pay a reasonable rate, rather than wait years in the UK.

While Daisy and I were at the hospital, Bob went to Tektan in Kyrenia -a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of electrical and technical parts. He managed to get the timer device he wanted to replace the ordinary switches that control the pool lights and the terrace lights. We want to be able to put them on a timer so they come on every night say between 8 and midnight when someone is in the house. It will eliminate the issue of people leaving them on. He also went round some of the air conditioning showrooms. The master bedroom a/c is getting a bit old now and we will replace it this year with a bigger unit and an inverter type, they use 30% less energy. It’s so cheap over here. A 12000 BTU unit (inside and out) of an inverter type is £340 installed. At least £1500 at home as we priced it last summer. Will get that organised and gradually over time change all the units to inverters. Frankly at this sort of price we may well bite the bullet and put some in downstairs.

Had lunch in Kyrenia at a favourite little kebab place – Alesta Kebabs – just in the Karakum area. A beautiful, quirky garden setting and delicious food. Very yummy. Then we came back – stopped at Mr Pound on the way. Daisy bought her own floating pool bed (with cup holder!) and a pump and various beauty items, I got some body moisturiser and Bob got a new ice cream scoop.

Got home about 230pm and Daisy got right in the pool on her new float! Bob and I did a bit of watering line work and then followed her in. Lovely. She’s trying to improve her swimming fitness and managed 32 lengths. Our pool is 11m long so it was a decent effort.

Poor Bob had to crawl into our thick hedge area to mend one of the leaks, and somehow he picked up a full crop of seed burrs that stuck to the hairs on his legs. He eventually emerged with literally 100 plus stuck to his leg hairs. I had to help pick them off, a procedure accompanied by squeals and sqeaks….

Tonight we had a fish dinner cooked by Bob beside the pool and then we sat out for hours, talking and laughing, drinking coffee and brandy, enjoying the frankincense smoke and the moon…. a beautiful sunset tonight.