Luxury Cabana Day!

We had the most brilliant day today at Lords Palace Hotel and Spa in Kyrenia. We went as part of a small group of expats who had booked a coach and a number of the hotel’s over water cabanas. The hotel is one of the 5 star Kyrenia hotels with an amazing swimming pool/s and beach area plus a huge spa, a host of restaurants and a casino. You can buy a day pass very reasonably on a week day. To just go in and have access to a sun lounger, the pool and beach, an umbrella, a towel is just 40 tl (£3.30). You can rent a fabulous over water cabana for up to 6 people for 350 tl ( £30) (not each) which includes towels, water, fruit basket, welcome drink and access to the facilities. And for 1000 tl (£80) you can have a cabana for up to 6 people, towels, fruit basket, water, and the entire 1000 tl remitted against food and drink. In other words you can eat and drink to your heart’s content plus have the comfort of the cabana. And the prices are not astronomic like you might expect. A cocktail was £4, a glass of prosecco the same. Daisy had a massive breakfast tray for £6. We had a huge lunch and lots of yummy cocktails and prosecco. We were 4 in our cabana and we had to try pretty hard to eat and drink 1000 tl worth in the day. It was a struggle but we did our very best!!!!! LOLOL The complimentary fruit bowl was incredible.

The cabana was super comfortable with big settees, on tap service and big loungers around it and it was on the deck over the water. Access to the sea was just a few steps away. The 2 swimming pools on the terrace above were absolutely enormous and very pristine. We just vegged out for the day, from about 1030 to 530, being waited on hand and foot and living the life of riley. Had a few swims in the sea – very warm. Read a book. Ate and drank quite a bit. Daisy absolutely loved it and I can see we’ll definitely be doing it again.

I’d booked Daisy and myself into the spa for massages late in the afternoon. It is a massive and fabulous spa complete with gym, indoor pool, hammam and lots of different treatment rooms. We both had Balinese massages which were discounted to £20 for an hour (weekdays). Absolutely decadent. Came out like a jelly. Incredible value for money.

It was very hot today but also very windy – gusting up to 7 at times. We were quite sheltered but it was blowing out to sea. I think it would be even more idyllic on a calmer day. We will definitely do it again.

Got home around 6 and just collapsed around the place, relaxing. Felt exhausted from doing nothing!!!!! Definitely didn’t want any dinner.