Around the Villa

A quieter day today after all the excitement of yesterday. And a bit tense, waiting to hear if Lucy got her visa granted. As the day wore on without news, we got more and more resigned…..

Bob and I worked on the watering lines in the morning. They keep springing leaks….. so trial and error…. adjusting the pressure, trying to get a balance between the water having to reach the full length of the line, and not being so full on, it splits the plastic piping. We managed to sort out the three lines but there is still one little stretch that we havent nailed down….. (not literally obviously LOLOL)

Nice lunch outside as usual. Then Bob and I had to go down the hill for a meeting with Ahmet the Surveyor. He was 30 minutes late as usual. Then he showed us the new plans and walked us through it. There is a (I hope) minor problem that we have only just noticed which will pause things a bit. Hopefully not long and then we will proceed.

Came back and had some pool time. So lovely, so peaceful. Bob and Daisy played cribbage over the g&ts. Then a message from Lu that her visa was through and they’d booked flights for Saturday!!!!! How amazing!!!! We are all so excited. Boler Family of 4 Plus Leon will be together for a good couple of weeks.

Tonight Bob bbq’d and we ate dinner beside the pool. Daisy loves doing that and then just chilling in the serene atmosphere afterwards. We are SO GLAD we did the pool lights. It has lent a glamour to the pool, which we already thought was glamorous. Anyway, we sat out and ate ice cream and drank coffee and brandy and talked….. Beautiful evening.