Medical Test Results and Dinner by the Sea

This morning we had to go back to the hospital in Kyrenia for Daisy to get her medical test results. Thankfully they were all absolutely fine, which she found very reassuring. All within range and in fact her cholesterol was brilliant. The doctor told her not to tell him what she ate because he would no doubt be very jealous. He was very nice and went through every single thing and explained the result, blood tests, x rays, ultrasound and ecg. She thought it was well worth doing.

After that we went to do some food shopping for the week ahead with our two extra holidaymakers about to arrive. First stop was the butcher in Ozankoy where we stocked up with his massive pork chops, some of his ham, chicken breasts and a whole chicken, beef burgers, lamb kofta…. quite a haul. He gave me a bag of chicken giblets and one of the girls made us a round of coffee to enjoy. What a nice shop!!!!! He had some big legs of lamb and pork joints in there which we looked at for later next week when we are having people up for dinner.

Then it was on to Wines of the World in Catalkoy for some good bottles of wine. You can get quite a lot of wine in the supermarkets here but W of the W stock some really excellent ones. Our friend John Stubbs, a lover of good wine, always wanted to go there and stock up when he came. Unfortunately our favourite South African Cab Sauv. was out of stock, more expected later in the month. Guess who emptied the stock??? That well known couple, Pamela and Eddie!!!! No matter we found some good cab sauv., some pinot noir and some nice looking rose.

On the way back we stopped at the large farmers fruit and vegetable market, Ye Bele, and got a huge haul of vegetables, literally hours out of the field. Couldn’t be more fresh. We also picked up some farm shop hellim (halloumi). It was all so cheap.

Final stop was at Starlings for some groceries. I got some bulgur wheat and some cous cous so that I can make some salads with the herbs and vegetables I bought. We got some good breads too.

Back for a very late lunch outside and then into and around the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Daisy is up to 40 lengths now

Tonight we tried a new restaurant, Driftwood, in Lapta. Our go-to glamorous night out restaurant has always been Ambiance, where you eat sitting on a beautiful deck over the sea, in a gorgeous little cove. Sadly, Ambiance hasn’t opened this year and it is uncertain if it will open again….. However, Driftwood seems to have filled that gap. It is in the location of an old restaurant, The Cabin, which we also liked but was pretty low key. Driftwood have given the location the glamour and pizzaz it deserves and indeed, they have a lovely deck over the cove and the sea, plus an indoor room with massive glass windows overlooking the deck. The menu is quite European, although you can have Cyprus meze, but that’s not really what it’s about. There is an open kitchen, also unusual. Fabulous waiting staff, made all the more fabulous by the presence of Daisy…. At one point the entire waiting staff were on the top deck, gazing adoringly down at her. Luckily she had her back to them, so was blissfully unaware. We certainly received top level service though, let’s leave it at that!!!!! They served us a little meze of dips and bread and olives while we had our drinks and perused the menu. I had fillet of sea bass wrapped around huge king prawns and baked in a cream, tomato and spinach sauce. It was absolutely delicious. Daisy had chicken with bacon and cheese in the same spinach sauce. Bob had a pepper steak. Absolutely fantastic. I will definitely have that next time – the sauce was outstanding. All served with mixed veg, a salad, creamed potato and chips. Afterwards we had Turkish coffee with the usual complimentary brandy. With 2 drinks each etc we paid £12 each including service. We will definitely be back. It was fantastic. And they have a great sunset view too. Really lovely sky.

Came back and sat by the pool having more coffee and brandy and Daisy (the swine) scoffed an entire bar of Lindt orange chocolate.

Tomorrow Lucy and Leon will be with us. So Excited for that.