Enjoying the Pool and Dinner by the Sea at Dogus Adres

What a lovely day! We had a leisurely breakfast on the terrace and then Lucy and I, later Daisy, lazed around the pool, doing a lot of wallowing, and floating around on the various floats. The weather really is glorious at the moment. So wonderful to have both the girls here and very delightful to meet Leon properly at long last. He’s very good company. He’d brought us a special router from Dubai that lets us put a vpn on the router rather than have to load it on all the devices. So, this morning he and Bob got that set up. It should be more powerful than our old one and give us a bigger range of wifi access.

Had a lovely late lunch on the terrace washed down with rose spritzers, then everyone spent some time in the pool. At about 330 Bob and Leon retired to the lounge to watch the French grand prix together. They are both big fans. And it’s a good season for them as Bob is a longtime supporter of Lewis Hamilton and of course Leon supports Max, so makes for an exciting watch! The picture quality was very good beamed onto our 50″ tv and no problem streaming in real time.

Tonight we went for dinner at the Dogus Adres, a lovely restaurant just above the sea. They offer both meat and fish a la carte and for the price of your main course, you also get a selection of meze, salad, chips and after the main, plates of dessert and coffee. I had a fantastic steak cooked in a blue cheese sauce with mushrooms. It was very, very good. Daisy had the same. Bob had calamari. Lucy had grilled octopus and Leon had a fish kebab. The portions were all generous. Then a plate of desserts and a fruit plate. Finally Turkish coffees. We had 2 drinks each and a large bottle of water. The bill for 5 of us was £71 which Lucy and Daisy paid as a Father’s Day present. Thank you girls!!!!