Thunderstorms and the The Foreign Residents Association Summer Event

Very unusual June weather today! Around lunchtime – just as I’d hung the washing out co-incidentally – rolling thunderclouds came over the mountains from the south and a storm erupted with a good downpour of rain. We all raced around bringing in the cushions and towels. At least the garden will be glad of it and our various water tanks will be brimming!!

Lucy and Leon are working from home this week so they were based in the dining room and on the big terrace working over zoom and on their laptops. The wifi is holding up very well with the new powerful router. A good strong, fast signal.

We had managed to have lunch on the terrace at least in the sunshine before the rain started. I made a big bulgar wheat salad filled with cheese, nuts, sweetcorn and fresh parsley with a lemon oil dressing. In the afternoon I made pizza dough because tonight Lucy was making fresh pizza in the wood oven for herself, Daisy and Leon.

It cleared up by about 430 and the sun was hot again, so everything went back outside. We got dressed in our summer best and set off for our dinner out at about 615, picking Deborah and David up along the way. Tonight was the Foreign Residents Association Summer Event at the Blue Song restaurant in Lapta – a nice place over the sea. We were on a table for 6 with Pamela and Eddie too. It was such a good night. A welcome drink, then a 2 course dinner – I had fish florentine, Bob had chicken curry and then we had a very good singer/entertainer, Andy Reay, dancing. The chairman of the association is a German gentleman and he stood everyone a shot of some sort of schnapps…… We had much laughter and a lovely time. Got home about 1130.

The kids were watching tv having wolfed down their pizzas which looked to have been very successful. Oh I forgot to mention,got my picture in the paper watching that dreadful play last week with Lesley!!!!! What irony!