Weather was back to normal today – hot, a few clouds…. definitely pool weather. It is set to get steadily hotter as the week goes on – 35C by the weekend. We have started to plug in reservations for the rest of the girls’ time here in Cyprus. There is so much they want to do over the next week/10 days – it’s definitely going to be action packed.

Lucy and Leon had another busy work day. They were zooming and on their laptops all day. Leon on the terrace. Lucy in the dining room. Bob, Daisy and I stayed around the pool and in the kitchen!!!! Well, Bob and I had a Starlings run this morning for supplies, but other than that, it was a swimming pool day.

Tonight we had dinner at Tervetuloa and it was a lovely, relaxing evening. As expected Lucy fell in love with the gourd lamps and she and Leon chose one to take back to Dubai. Absolutely gorgeous. Our four lamps are nearly finished now – by next week we will have them. They are going to look fantastic on the terrace. We will have to take them down over the winter as they will not withstand rain, but that’s not a problem.

Dinner there is so relaxed, the staff are lovely. For £13 a head we had an absolute feast of food including a round of cocktails, a bottle of wine, 3 course meal, coffee and generous brandies…. absolutely fantastic. Definitely recommend Tervetuloa for a family dinner while you are here.