Operation Day. Stinking hot! Dinner at Driftwood!

Oh the bliss of air conditioning! A lovely night’s sleep! It was boiling again today – well over 30C by 730. I got up and did my rounds opening all the windows and doors, half closing shades and it makes an immediate difference with cross breezes through the house.

Today was the big day for Daisy to go back to Kamiloglu Hospital in Kyrenia to have 4 moles removed. She was very very nervous. We got there for 10am and the dermatologist was all ready for us. He was such a nice man, very reassuring and kind. Daisy was very brave and it was over reasonably quickly and smoothly. An injection of local anaesthetic around each mole (the worst bit), the removal, a couple of stitches and a dressing. We were out by about 1115. £80. She was so relieved to get it over.

While I was in with her, Bob went to the State Hospital to pick up her PCR test certificate (it was negative naturally). He got that and was in the dermatology waiting room when we came out.

We set off for home, stopping at Starling’s for a big shop. Had lunch on the terrace. Lucy and Leon were up and in the pool. Frankly the only place to be in weather like this. On the drive out of Kyrenia, the car outside temperature was showing 41C. Of course we are always a little bit less up the mountain and with a breeze, but still…….

Daisy had a good glug of cold rose wine to help deaden the pain. She thought it more holistic than paracetemol!!!

I spent the afternoon reading, literally IN the pool. Lucy and Leon were also in most of the time. Daisy can’t get wet today so she moved beween her ac bedroom and dangling her legs in the pool. Bob was in a lot too.

At the end of the afternoon, Daisy checked in for her BA flight tomorrow, booked her covid test package and filled in her Passenger Locator Form. She found a good package and also gets a discount with BA. It’s a ridiculous system though. The day after arrival, she must leave home quarantine and travel by public transport to Paddington Station to get her Day 2 test. On Day 5, she must leave her quarantine and travel by public transport to Brent Cross to get her test to release test. And on Day 8, she must go back to Paddington (having presumably worked for 3 days) to get her final test. It’s ludicrous! And she’s coming from a country where the infection rate is below the UK and she is double vaccinated. The tests merely give her ample opportunity to infect the maximum number of people IF she happened to be infected. If she’s very unlikely to be infected (their reasoning) then why make her have 3 tests!!???? Answer: to discourage us all from travelling…… There is also no reason at all why a test at a state of the art hospital in northern Cyprus should cost £12.50, and a test taken in Paddington Station should cost £80. Rant over!!

Tonight we had dinner at Driftwood in Lapta – Daisy’s choice for her last meal. An excellent one. We had a table at the end of the dock and arrived at 745 just in time to see the sunset, which was spectacular. We had a round of drinks to start, then a small meze. Mains were 3 pepper fillet steaks, 1 surf and turf and 1 grilled garlic prawns. They came with platters of mixed veg, a salad, 2 platters of chips, 2 platters of mashed potatoes….. a very good bottle of cabernet sauvignon, then a round of coffees. Very good service. Total bill was £73 for the 5 of us including tip. Honestly, incredible value for the quality and the amount of food, wine and cocktails, fantastic service and a prime table…..

Home about 1015 and it is still 31C. I was alone in wanting a swim, so we all turned in to the a/c. Wimps we are! It will be massively hot again tomorrow and then a sudden decrease for the rest of the week back to a more manageable 30C. Thank god!

Tomorrow we have a sad farewell to Daisy and then tomorrow night we 4 are joining others at a sports bar in Lapta to watch England lose to Germany. Or maybe not…. Maybe just for once they will earn their inflated salaries and actually play their hearts out with passion and a reckless will to win. Or maybe not… 🙂