Daisy Departs for UK and England Win!

Another 40C day, but back down to 30C in a day or two apparently. Thank heavens! It really is too hot to do much.

Daisy was a bit sore this morning so I helped her with her packing up. Sad to see her go but she must get back to work and hopefully Cineworld in a couple of weeks. She had a large cooked breakfast to see her on her way. Ozy Taxi came at 1230 – very nice, very smart blacked out mini van. And she was off. Got through the border with barely a glance at her passport. They asked if she was bringing tobacco or alcohol though and she wasn’t so, that was it. No suitcase search.

She got a really rude, hideous woman on the bag drop desk at BA in Larnaca. Daisy asked her if she could have help getting her bag onto the scales because she had stitches in a minor surgery and the woman was dreadfully rude and said she had to consider her own health and loudly asked humiliating questions about the surgery. Then Daisy got the Dick the Greek Cypriot Immigration Officer – there’s always one – who had to make his point about the fact she had flown into the “Occupied” where it was very dangerous and they couldn’t protect her. Never go there again, he instructed her. Then he went off to consult with his superior who no doubt told him not to be such a dick and he waved her through. Security was fine and she consoled herself with a glass of red wine in the lounge. She took off on time and we waved skywards as she flew north.

Bob and I had a good few wallows in the pool and then decamped upstairs to the a/c about 3 pm for a rest. Damn…. it is so hot. This heat plume should end!!!!! Came back down again about 1730 when I heard Habibi the gardener arrive. I don’t know how he works in this heat, obviously he is very used to it. Had a chat then sat on the terrace with a g&t. It was still 37C at 6pm. That would be lovely if we could just get in the pool but we were going to a local sports bar with friends to watch the England vs Germany UEFA match.

Well!!! What a surprise! England won! And won 2-0!!!! It was worth the sweatingly hot surroundings just to see that. But we had good company too – Pamela and Eddie and their friends and a very jovial atmosphere. Bit quiet on the table behind us which was German…..

Got home about 930 and jumped in the pool. A blessed relief. It’s still about 30C at this time of night. Crazy hot this early in the summer.