Hot Days, Diving and Dining

The very hot weather spike continues here. Just so hot……. there is nothing to be do about it other than to be indolent!!! LOL! Not too hard…….

On Wednesday we spent much time in the pool as you can imagine. Or in the shaded pergola beside the pool, reading. Our main excitement of the day was to go diving after 4 when Lucy and Leon had finished work.

We had booked with DP Diving and they are at a new location at Mare Monte beach about 8 minutes drive from the house. They used to be at Oris Beach but that closed. They have quite a spacious location at the new place anyway. I made a very wise choice based on personal experience and chose a 2mm shortie, deciding to brave the 18m thermocline. Lucy had a shortie too but a 6mm one. The two boys went for full length 6mm wetsuits – a bad choice in my opinion – just too damned cumbersome and hot. So it proved to be….. By the time they got to the boat, they were both completely overheated and feeling yuk!

We were diving a small Turkish coastguard boat about 5 minutes offshore. Bob and I had dived it once before. The top of the mast is in 24m, the bottom is in 36m and the deck in 32m. We went down the shotline. Visibility was fair. You couldn’t see the wreck from the surface and it came into view at about 18m I would say. It’s only been down 4 years but there is life growing on it already and plenty of fish. Poor Leon, couldn’t get his ears to clear from about 4m probably due to the stress of the suit in the heat. That was a big pity. Anyway, we had a nice dive, exploring all the different areas, some quite tight. There was a grouper, lots of small fish, clouds of tiny blue fish and several nudibranches.

After paying up (£25 each all in) we showered down there and went into Kyrenia to get Lucy and Leon’s PCR tests done at the new state hospital where Daisy had hers. And we called at Tervetuloa to pick up the table lamp, now all wired up, that Lucy and Leon bought. Absolutely beautiful.

Then we drove into town and parked near the Dome hotel and went to dinner at Niazi’s. The restaurant chain are a landmark of Cyprus, trading since 1949, and they invented the concept of the “full kebab” ie a piece of every meat that can be grilled as a kebab. They surround this with a large meze and the meal becomes a parade of dishes and meat, finished by a dessert buffet, for £10 each. A lovely traditional setting, very Levantine.

Well deserved after our exertions. We headed home and collapsed in the a/c bedrooms!

This morning we were up quite early as the surveyors were coming up to mark the boundary line between ourselves and our neighbours’ plot again to make final adjustments before the plans are submitted to the Land Office for finalisation. They arrived at about 830 and they marked the line with red painted dots and metal sticks in the traditional manner. All was as expected and hopefully matters can now proceed, albeit no doubt, slowly.

Spent the rest of the day today around the pool. Lucy and Leon were working. Spoke to Daisy. Her mole removal sites are healing well and she has an appointment next week to get the stitches removed. She had her day 2 test yesterday, no results as yet. She travelled by tube from her flat back to Heathrow to get the test and then back again by tube. Absolute madness.

Burgers and potato wedges for dinner tonight at the house. Washed down by some gorgeous red wine from the vineyard up the road.