Golf and Sun!

Golf and Sun!
Miami, FL

Miami, FL

I spent the day around the swimming pool. It was a really lovely day, sunny throughout. About 96F and very strong sun. Had to keep getting in the water and also dipping under the sunshade. We managed to get a really nice cabana poolside today again with a most comfortable double bed lounger. I also had an adjoining lounger in the sun so I could move back and forth.
Bob made himself a lovely breakfast of poached eggs, biscuits, bacon and tomato and then went off to golf. We were interested to see if he could improve on his performance again on the new course. Anyway, he got back about 1pm pleased as punch as he had gone around in 94 which is 5 strokes better than the first time. It is quite a tough course, par 72 so not a walkover by any means and he parred 6 holes. So glad that its all working out so nicely for him.
Anyway, he came back and we spent the rest of the afternoon together swimming and relaxing.
Had Facetime sessions with both girls. They were sweltering. Daisy is sleeping in our room as we have a ceiling fan. Sh has been shortlisted for the Tiger graduate scheme and has to go to an assessment centre day next week. So she will go up and stay with Lucy. Lucy is packing ready for the weekend. This has been a great learning experience for her. She’s bought a place on her own, dealt with the financing , dealt with having building work, furnished it etc. Not many people get this experience. I certainly didn’t. I’ve never bought a property without the input of a partner. It will stand her in good stead for future purchases.
No more news from Cyprus. Our lawyer was going to ring the plot owning neighbour and speak to him. Our current guests left yesterday so Marion is in cleaning up.
Bob made dinner tonight. Chicken in a mushroom sauce. This is a good relaxing week here in Miami. By no means the best Marriott resort we’ve been to but no complaints.

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