Fran and Dave Spend the Day

Fran and Dave Spend the Day
Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

Today Franny and Dave came over from Melbourne and spent the day with us. Bob and Dave went off to the Falcon’s Fire golf course and played a round. They had a great day and came back very happy. Fran and I took to the pool and spent most of the day leaning on inflatable noodles and chewing the fat, dissecting the 43 years we have known each other. Which have flown by!
The chaps returned about 230 and we had a quick lunch and then all returned to the pool for a couple of hours.
Thunder drove us indoors at about 430 and we then waited till the rain stopped and then took all our provisions down to the lakeside and found a bbq and a table and had dinner down there. Bob grilled up some Italian sausages and some burgers and we also had various salads.
Fran and Dave set off for home about 745 and we sadly waved them goodbye. A very enjoyable and relaxing day. Maybe they will come and visit us in the UK some day.
Spoke to both girls who were fine. Daisy is back in Folkestone after her assessment day. It went really well but it must be a lottery. They are seeing mabybe 150 people for 10 jobs. Stilt, fingers crossed.

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