Lunch with Danny and Heather

Lunch with Danny and Heather
Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

Our last full day in Orlando as we fly home tomorrow night. We were determined to make the most of it and enjoy this lovely hotel.
So, up early and down to breakfast which is included in our deal. It was a massive buffet and we enjoyed eggs benedict and crispy bacon plus yoghurt, fresh raspberries , blueberries and mango. That set us up for a day in the sun.
Then out to the pool. We managed to find beds in a good spot with plenty of shade from trees and from an umbrella. Spent the morning floating in the water and enjoying our books. It is noticeable now that the Brits have started to arrive in Florida and we hear plenty of familiar accents around the place. We got chatting to an Irish family and they had interesting takes on the reek crisis .
Headed out to the main entrance at noon to meet Danny and Heather who had also been in Orlando overnight for their 2 year anniversary. It was the first time we had met Heather and she was delightful, very friendly and warm. Danny drove us off to lunch at Cowfish which is a restaurant on Universal Citywalk. We’d nearly gone there for dinner when Lucy and Daisy were with us but we had bailed due to the heat that day. Anyway, its an interesting place which offers a fusion of gourmet burgers and sushi. The sushi is interesting. Some of it is traditional and traditional American sushi and some of it was unique to Cowfish which combined say pulled pork and bbq sauce with traditional sushi elements. Anyway, we had a lot of food and it was all really good and very reasonably priced. Liked it a lot and would certainly eat there again. Thanks to Danny and Heather for taking us.
We caught up on Danny’s travels in Europe this summer after he had left us and it sounded as if he had had an amazing time. He’s off to New Zealand next year now which will be fun to follow with a few other trips (like Alaska) in between. I am going to pick his brains on using airmiles for his NZ trip so I can cop for when we plan to go in early 2017.
Got back to the hotel about 2 and straight back to the pool. Had a last few hours there till thunder and lightning sent us scurrying indoors. We were still too full for any dinner so decided to have a quiet night in. Spoke to both girls on FT and they are both fine. got our packin all ready so we don’t have to bother too much tomorrow.

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