Goan Beach Day

Goan Beach Day
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Woke up….. and well… you know what the weather is like! Bob and I walked down to Salida. Now that Maureen and Mick know their way we can all just roll up when we like. On the way we shouted hello to Marylyn’s husband, Clive, who is taking a break from working on Celebrity cruises to supervise the build of their new block of rooms. Just past their place I was amazed to see a large monkey up a tree. It’s the first time I’ve seen a monkey in Patnem. It’s always astonished me that we see monkeys in Palolem and on the road to Chaudhi, but never in Patnem itself. I rather assumed that the locals frightened them off somehow LOL! Anyway this chap just stared down at us!
I had my usual boiled eggs for breakfast but Bob had the fresh fruit, muesli, yoghurt and honey. Such a fabulous array and it cost £1.30. Maureen arrived while we were eating and she had the banana porridge! Also great value at about the same price. It’s definitely not made with skimmed milk.
Several swims and a walk across the beach and back again to make me feel virtuous. It must be about a mile I would say. Also a good pedicure for the feet walking on the wet sand. Mick came down about 1130, feeling much better and looking a lot brighter. After lunch they all played Scrabble in the shade and I read and did more sunbathing and swimming. Our usual rule is that we are not allowed to discuss dinner until after lunch (bottle of water in my case!) and we agreed today on April 20 which is probably the best Indian food on the beach. It really is divine. I prefer its older sister, Dropadi, which is on the beach in Palolem. The menu is exactly the same but the atmosphere at Dropadi is more exciting and buzzing. But….. different experiences for different days. On my way back from the beach I stopped in at one of the little beauty parlours and had a pedicure which was much needed. It was a really good one and cost slightly less than a fiver. My feet are now smooth as baby doves and with fetching bright orange toenails! As I passed Dinesh’s house he came bounding out and introduced me to some of his current guests and also Mrs Dinesh came out and we had a nice chat.
Dinner was as delicious as ever. I started as I mean to go on with palak paneer, my favourite Indian dish of all time. It’s a garlicky spinach puree with cubes of paneer cheese in it. My god it’s yummy. Bob had Hyderabadi Chicken which was unctuous and spicey and he had a butter garlic nan. Everyone else had a plethora of goodies. I tasted a few and they were all great. We washed it all down with g&t’s served with little buckets of ice and silver dishes of cut lime. Mid way through eating someone further up the beach must have had a birthday because there was a magnificent firework display out over the beach and the sea. It was spectacular. We walked home admiring the crescent moon and the millions of stars. The Plough was especially visible.
Sorry, I did not get pictures of dinner as I fell on mine like a starving wolf. Will do better next time!

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