Beaching and Black Mass

Beaching and Black Mass
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Bob and all the gang headed off to Chaudhi this morning on various errands. Bob and Gloria to validate the mobile phones (it takes 3 days after purchase for security checks…don’t ask!), Mick and Maureen to pick up some supplies. Bob oversaw their rite of passage visit to the Krishna for Masala Dosa breakfast. All went well. I was assigned beachbed securing duties. So I headed off about 9 and had a lovely breakfast lounging on the cushions in a chillout zone at Salida. No one else likes eating in that position so normally we sit at the conventional tables…but I quite like it. It’s Romanesque! Anyway, whilst enjoying my second cup of tea, the morning was enlivened by two middle-aged English men staggering past, barely able to walk, having clearly imbibed far too much of something the night before and slept on the beach. They could literally barely walk. Not edifying. And very unusual here. It’s not that sort of place.
Had some good walks and swims today. The sea was really warm and unusually clear. I could see my toes! Normally the sand is too stirred up to make it clear.
About midday the two men staggered back in the opposite direction across the beach still as drunk as ever. Bob saw them this time. Unusual to see such utter drunken-ness not resulting in unconsciousness. They actually kept falling face down in the sand.
The dolphins were in the bay today and very visible. Better to watch their antics than that of the two drunks.
About 4pm Bob had to go back to Chaudhi as our phone had activated but they hadn’t applied the credits he had purchased. About 430 the two drunks turned up again and this time – quell horreur!!!! the drunkest of the two managed to fall onto the lounger Bob had vacated NEXT TO ME!!!! He lay there like a beached beetle while his friend tried to pull him up. They absolutely reeked of booze. How disgusting to be so drunk all day! How did they achieve it.??? Takes a bit of doing when you think about it. Home for a shower and a FT with Lulu which was lovely. Then we got tuks to the Steakhouse at Ourem. It is an open air restaurant where they show a movie every night free of charge while you eat dinner. Tonight it was Black Mass with Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch. A very violent and unpleasant film but brilliant performances from all the cast especially Johnny Depp who was absolutely malevolent and totally unrecognisable really. Fantastic job. The food is always good there and the cocktails too. I had two gimlets and a palak paneer and a veg curry. Bob had Pud Thai, as did Maureen. Mick had Pepper Steak. Came back and had a late cocktail with Joe and Janet. A very nice day! And I can guarantee that right about now I am feeling in better shape than those two men…..

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