Loincloth Man and the Topknot Juggler!

Loincloth Man and the Topknot Juggler!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

A rather ordinary beach day today other than for the fact that we had some cloudy interludes! It is apparently going to rain on Tuesday and this may be an indication of that. Rain at this time of the year is extremely rare so we shall see if it happens. I felt a bit sad until I got back to the Tubki and saw on the internet that there was a lot of snow in London and that temperatures in Hawkinge were just above zero. Felt better then!
So, I promised a couple of vignettes about our favourite beach “characters”. I had my camera at the ready today to capture them for you. Sadly, the drunks were nowhere to be seen. Well,….. not sadly at all. However, I did manage to capture Loincloth Man and Topknot Juggler on their early morning beach walks.
Loincloth Man is clearly some sort of yoga swami and he’s been here for as long as we’ve been coming to Patnem. I only see him on his beach walk so have no idea at all where he hangs out (literally and figuratively!!) the rest of the time. There are two of them actually but this is the one I see most often. He’s looking a little better this year. The last couple of years he’d lost a lot of weight and began to look like a piece of beef jerky plus his loincloth got a bit baggy in the bum and that was not a pretty sight…. In case you’re wondering what the front view is like (and I know you are!!!) there is a sort of flap over the vital parts a bit like Red Indians wore in old cowboy films. The whole ensemble is made more hazardous because unlike thong pants, none of it is tight. There is plenty of opportunity for slippage 🙂 Men! I say NO!!!!! This is not a look you want to emulate. Stick to the long shorts please…..
The Topknot Juggler is a new addition to the scene at least to me but he walks the beach twice a day juggling and swinging and tossing some sort of large rock. At first we only saw him from the rear and we were unsure if it was a man or a topless woman (very very unusual here but you never know) as he wears tiny bikini briefs as you can see… However, It is a man albeit a man with a very very odd hairstyle. My picture may not make it clear enough how tall his front topknot is! Suffice it to say it is bigger than the budgie smuggling pants he strides around in!
Obviously neither of these two chaps are Goans or even Indians and I would have to guess that they are Germans…… they are certainly not British 🙂 🙂 🙂

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