Salida del Sol!

5.1453395562.our-gang-at-jaaliSalida del Sol!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

The weather has been back to normal the last few days: a pretty steady 33C and around 26C at night. We’ve just been living on the beach from around 830am till around 430, perhaps 5. Generally we breakfast at Salida but 2 days we’ve had breakfast at the Capitol Organic restaurant on the crossroads in Patnem. It has been a stalwart for some years but this year has relocated to a different corner of the crossroads. The do a selection of really lovely fresh juices, smoothies, lassis (yoghurt shakes) and a range of food. I particularly like their omelettes and the toast they make with their freshly baked bread. Really delicious!
Last night we went back to the Steakhouse for dinner and an open air movie. They are really good quality. This time it was Legends, the story of the Kray twins, both played by Tom Hardy. A terrific performance and a very enjoyable, and strangely amusing film. Not that the actions were amusing in real life of course but somehow or other the Krays have become almost caricatures of British gangsterdom, spoofed in so many comedy sketches…… I had a steak to wash the film down with. they are really good, about an inch thick and juicy. A large steak with trimmings is £3.. And that includes the film. We always ring ahead and reserve the front row. There are seven of us at the moment so quite a group.
We travel to the out of village locations by rickshaw or tuktuk. These are basically motorbikes with a cage put around them to provide seating and a roof. We go hurtling along through the lanes….. It costs about 70p to get to Palolem, or Chaudhi or the movie restaurant.
People have asked me about alcohol. There is wine available: Sula is the most often found label but somehow or other I never fancy it here. It’s too hot. A bottle of non European branded gin is around £2.50-£3. Ditto vodka, white rum, dark rum etc and local brandy. They do a wonderful brandy here called HoneyBee which has a definite honey taste. A gin and tonic costs about 90p for a single or £1.20 for a double. Most cocktails which are doubles are around £1.50 – £1.80. Beers are about 60pfor a small bottle and 80p for a large bottle. Kingfisher is the most prevalent brand.
Tonight we went up to Mick and Maureen’s room for cocktails and nibbles before heading off for dinner. Lovely time. We move around the accommodations. It’s all very social.
Walked down to Jaali behind Salida, scooping Gloria up along the way. You remember, Jaali is a small plate style European restaurant. Food was lovely again. Bob and I shared: tempura battered sardines, aubergine, pomegranate and yoghurt salad and chilli jam glazed chicken drumsticks. We also had a beetroot salad and the bread basket. All washed down with pink gins, ice cold beer and mineral water. Bob had ginger and pomegranate spiced cake with ice cream for pud and I had a double espresso. It came to just over £10. Amazing. Wandered back up the lane and sat outside Janet and Joe’s having Honeybees. Joe had told some of his theatrical tales tonight. So bloody funny….. honestly if you’ve ever even been in a sketch at school, you can just collapse at some of the things that happen with mislaid props, forgotten lines etc. Tomorrow we are off to another beach to visit Dinesh, my Nepalese son LOL.

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