Patnem, India

Patnem, India

yep…. boiling today….. the wind went around and came from the east which basically means that instead of as usual coming over the cooling sea, it was coming right off the burning heart of India. Spent a lot of time in the water.
Left the beach about 3.30 because Bob wanted a haircut and shave. I called in at the little beauty parlour across the road from the hotel and was totally amazed to find that it was owned by a lovely young girl who used to have a shack parlour on the beach. I always went to her but 2 years ago she went off to get married and that ended her Goa shop. She has now come back and her parents have opened a little salon in their front garden and she is working there through the summer while her sister finishes college. She has a little boy now of 10 months. So cute. Anyway, she did my hair and gave me a full leg wax and the whole lot cost about £12. Will be going back a few times, she is great.
Bit of a rush after that as we had arranged sundowner cocktails at Boomshankar and everyone else had left while I was under the wax. Bob waited of course but was not best pleased. We called Suresh and he came for us. Couldn’t help but notice how many monkeys there are this year. Families swinging through the trees right opposite the Tubki.
Had lovely cocktails at Boomshankar although the sunset was not as good as last time. Looked at some fantastic pashminas in the nearby shop. Walked around to Magic View, the best Italian restaurant in the area. Homemade pasta, wonderful sauces. Wood burning ovens for delicious pizza. I had tagliatelle with gorgonzola sauce. Just amazing. Less than £4.
Tuk’d back to the Tubki and had Honeybee brandys around the pool amidst much laughter. A good day!

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