Joe’s Birthday!

Joe’s Birthday!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Today was Joe’s birthday and also the birthday of my American “cousin” Fran and Joe and Janet’s son, Chris. A happy birthday to all of them
Plans for the day got off to a rather rocky start when Tony staggered down at about 8am and told us that he and Kirsty had been very ill all night and so golf was off. No problem but sad that they had been so poorly. We headed off to the beach and had breakfast. Kirsty and Tony headed to the clinic in Chaudhi. Later, everyone but Tony came to the beach. He was having lots of tests and then was given antibiotics.
Very hot today, maybe 35C. The sea is just getting warmer and warmer. Just delightful to swim in. We spent over an hour in late afternoon trying to chase the ICICI bank to get hold of the £1500 we transferred from Lloyds to our ICICI Rupee preloaded cash card last week. It’s left Loyds but so far hasn’t been credited to the cash card. Total numpties.
This evening we went down to Janet and Joe’s terrace at about 7 for champagne. Poor Kirsty had taken a poor turn after being on the beach and it was decided that Joe, Janet and Amelia would go to dinner but Tony and Kirsty would stay in the hotel. Henry was perfectly well but totally fast asleep having run around non stop on the beach all afternoon jumping in and out of the waves and checking on every beach dog he could find. So, we had lovely champagne and nuts and Joe opened his presents and then we headed off to Magic View.
Amelia is just a joyful child. She is like a tiny adult with quirkiness LOL. Reminds me very much of Lulu at the same age. A blend of solemn owl and livewire. Anyway, Magic View was fabulous food as usual. I had a fillet steak in gorgonzola sauce. It was divine. Amelia had a pizza bigger than her torso and everyone else had pasta. All yummy. Hopefully tomorrow everyone will be better.
Lovely day.

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