On Our Way

3.1457898971.the-goansOn Our Way
New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India

Well… it was always going to be a long day……. went to breakfast at the Tubki this morning so that it was quick and local and we could pack afterwards. The taxi was coming at 11am. The breakfast buffet costs 250INR each and in all honesty it is sooooo not worth it. Had a nice omelette from the chap on the omelette station but the rest of the offerings were very poor. Inexcusable really with so many other more ill equipped places offering fabulous breakfasts. Anyway, anyone thinking of staying at the Tubki, do not take the food packages offered with a room rate. The rooms are lovely, the restaurant is sadly very poorly managed.
Back to the room to pack. We believed we had less stuff than when we came out. Wrong! It was a real struggle to get 20kg in the two cases. A lot was left over to go into hand luggage. And we left a pile of clothes, shoes and golf balls that we decided were no longer required. Bob got in a bit of a tizz as he always does on travelling day. The heat doesn’t help when you are manhandling cases around and trying to force them closed. Anyway, in the end we managed it but felt a bit nervous at the weight of our hand luggage. Plus, our flight up to Delhi to connect with the international flight was Air India and they only offered us 15kg checked baggage. We thought they would honour the international flight limit even though it wasn’t on the same ticket… but still…. there was a level of anxiety!
The hotel staff bid us a fond farewell! Remedian, the manager, came out and we had hugs and kisses. It’s been a great stay and would heartily recommend the Tubki to anyone.
Our nice taxi chap arrived on time and then…. we were off! Durn… it was hot by then. The A/C went on immediately and we had 3 bottles of water en route. Such a lovely drive through the green-ness of Goa. Comforting knowing we will be back in 10 months!
Bob the flashing pervert made an appearance outside Goa airport. The taxi pulled up at departures and as always there were crowds of people outside. As we moved round the taxi to the boot to get the bags, Bob’s trousers dropped to his ankles. Literally to his ankles…. Thank heavens due to his early upbringing as a member of the Boys Brigade and Northern Methodism, he was wearing respectable underpants. That;s all I’m saying!!!! We were in absolute fits and so were all the people around. Men and women….
Check in a Dabolim was utterly painless. No problem with the baggage limit at all. Then through to the departure lounge. Not a long wait enlivened by chatting to a nice American couple and then the flight up to Delhi. Had the interesting experience – a first! – of lining up at the gate (having been called) and having to wait as the flight crew (pilot and spare) had not turned up and they arrived as we queued. Arrived on time ((nice meal aboard) and then had to reclaim our bags, exit to the arrivals, cross up to departures and check in again with Cathay Pacific. A bit of a wait while they decided to open up. No problem with our bags again.
After checking in, we joined an enormous queue of people trying to exit India. I have no idea at all why this takes so long. We were in the queue for about an hour. There were loads of check out desks so it wasn’t that. Totally bizarre. What are they checking for??? Looking nervously to the next queue over I noticed half the Taliban were moving through the airport on a flight to Afghanistan. Not joking….. None of them would pass my 20 point spot the terrorist check. 5 points for each of the above: weird beard, long nightshirt, sandals, little cap, big black padded waistcoat….
Finally through, the Delhi departure lounge is a delight. I managed to spray myself lavishly wth my favourite Armani Prive perfume, Bois d’encens (Incense wood) and I mean LAVISHLY!!!! I slightly pity the person sitting next to me on the plane. We paid £13 each to sit in the ITC Green Lounge and I am writing this blog from there. Rather fabulous. Massage chairs. Extraordinary buffet. Free booze. Having my first glass of cold white wine in several months. Oh yeah…..
We fly at 1030pm and get into Hong Kong at 615 tomorrow morning local time. The flight is 5.5 hours. Not bad.
Next entry will be from Hong Kong tomorrow…….