Bob has a Cold

3.1458344457.peking-opera-acrobatBob has a Cold
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

A bright day at sea as we steam towards Beijing with Korea to our right. Getting quite cold as expected. About 6C. Oddly some brave souls had got themselves out of the wind and were sunbathing in swimsuits! I am not that desperate to top up the tan.
We went up for breakfast but Bob’s cold is really heavy today and he is desperate to throw it off before we arrive in Beijing tomorrow, so he got some more Lemsip and throat pastilles (we’d run out of our initial supply in Goa) and headed back to the cabin. I had a brisk stroll around the decks and then found a couch in the corner of one of the bar lounges and stretched out with a Morse novel. Took Bob a tray of lunch. He was watching Captain Phillips on the cabin tv.
We have managed to get the Chinese RMB that we need for the next 2 days – or at least what we estimate we will need. The ship docks at 7 and our tour guide will be waiting for us on the dockside at 8.
Art this afternoon was a picture of a parrot. I have done better parrots before. Mine was more like a colourful pigeon with a hooked beak! At least I managed to sit at the front this time so there was no excuse other than my poor sketching.
Came back to the cabin and packed an overnight bag for tomorrow. Very exciting to be visiting China for the first time.
Bob was still feeling very “coldy” so we went up to the buffet for a quick dinner rather than the main dining room. It was a carvery tonight. Afterwards we caught the evening Headliners show which was set in New York with the music of Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder et al. It was pretty good but the company are not as good as last year’s, who were, I suppose, exceptional. They were certainly the best we had ever seen on any cruise ship. Earlyish night as we are up very early.