Miss Demeanor in the Laundry with the Iron

Miss Demeanor in the Laundry with the Iron
Beijing, China

Beijing, China

A quiet day at sea. We woke up at about 9ish and Bob was a bit better but still pretty congested. Both of us had sore legs from all the step climbing and walking in Beijing. We walked 15 miles in two days and climbed over 500 steps according to our Misfit monitors!
Had breakfast, found couches and pegged out with our books and then went to a film at midday. It was Will Smith in Focus. Had no expectation of it at all and as is often the case, it was really good. A con caper a bit along the lines of Hustle but better.
The weather today was brightly blue but quite cold. We had a couple of brisk turns around the promenade deck for some fresh air. Then it was that dreaded time….. laundry duty. Laundries are always rathre fraught places on the ship because there are never enough machines and people get very stressed out, made worse by the heat in an enclosed space. Aurora had very spacious rooms with lots of machines. Arcadia has 3 laundries with only 3 machines in each one. We got lucky and managed to get all the light/coloured clothes in a washer on deck 6 and all the black/dark stuff in a washer on deck 4. Then I ran around like a rabbit 45 minutes later to combine all the washing into one drier on deck 6. You daren’t leave your washing even for a minute after the load has finished or risk the wrath of those that wait.
By then it was time to go to art so I went off to bag a table at the front and get all the materials set up and Bob went to get the drying out. As it happens it was all still damp so he removed it and I went back and finished it all off after art. Apparently two couples were thrown off the ship on arrival in Sydney because the two wives had had an argument over a washer in the laundry and one of them had hit the other with an iron!!!!!!! YIKES! You bet I didn’t leave my washing a minute over time in that drier LOL.
Formal night again tonight and we had a very nice table for dinner and then went to the show. It was a West End singer called Bruce Morrison who we have seen before. He has a brilliant voice but unfortunately he is extremely – and I mean EXTREMELY – camp and he overacts all the lyrics and actions to the songs. This would not be so bad if it were not for the fact that he chooses to sing mostly songs that were written for women i.e. I don’t know how to love him, Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, Memory etc. The acting is quite horrendous and includes self stroking at times. Well, he’d toned it down about 50% since last year but he still needs to take it down another 50%. At least.
Korea tomorrow. Hope it’s not the day Baldy Fatboy from the North chooses to launch his missiles south.

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