On our way to Osaka

On our way to Osaka
Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan

A very lazy day at sea. We decided to treat ourselves to a lie-on given that it was Easter Sunday as well. So, we didn’t even get up till nearly 1130 and then emerged to find warm, spring sunshine and a calm sea. We had synchronised our Misfits with the laptop and found we’d walked over 30 miles in the last few days! My calves are definitely feeling all the steps. Still shorts are very loose so hopefully it is doing some good.
We wandered down to the promenade deck and there was a sale of watches going on around the atrium. I have an amazing watch that Bob bought me some years ago but I like to have a “secondary” one to wear where my best one wouldn’t be appropriate. Quite apart from my diving watch of course! Anyway, saw a really nice white ceramic one at a bargain price and Bob bought it for me instead of an Easter Egg.
And again, it being Easter Sunday we decided to go into the main restaurant for lunch – normally we grab something up on deck or in the buffet. We sat down at a table next to the window and I pulled the net curtain back and there was a pod of dolphins leaping past us in the water! So lovely to see them. Had a good roast pork lunch. Crackling too. After lunch we took a turn or two around the promenade deck and then made our way up to the rear terrace deck on deck 9 and pegged out. It’s always quiet up there, despite there being a pool and we get in a corner and turn our beds to the rail. It feels as if we are on a private yacht with no one else around! Read our books and had a bit of a power nap and before we knew it, it was time for art.
Today we were painting a sprig of orchids. Not my favourite by a long chalk. Definitely not one of my best. Ah well…..
Black tie again tonight and a really fantastic dinner. One of the best so far. My main was fillet of beef and it was superb. After dinner we went to see the Headliners show which was based around the music of Lieber and Stoller. It wasn’t bad. They’re not a patch on last year’s troop and in all honesty the show itself was weak. Of all the L&S hits they could have picked, they picked all the least memorable.

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