Eight Days at Sea

Eight Days at Sea
Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, HI

We have just spent the last 8 days crossing the Pacific from Osaka to Honolulu. A long crossing although the weather has been positively benign. Very light winds and mostly sunshine. About 4 days in it turned warm, very hot the last 3 days. In fact I got burnt!!!! Yes!! Me! Admittedy on parts bared by new swimwear that hadn’t seen the sun in old swimwear,….. but still…. quite a surprise. It’s been ages since I had any prawn symptoms. I am normally so careful. Anyway… glad to have the hot weather back.
Mostly the days have been lazy which is why I haven’t blogged them separately. We have walked on deck, layed out in the sun, swum in the pool, read lots of books, painted (getting better I think), watched shows…..
The Pacific is a very humbling ocean. I mean, it’s big. It’s massive. You don’t see anything for days and days. Not a bird or fish. Certainly no other craft or a plane. Just the endless sea. I always reflect on how very unlikely it is that you would be found if your boat foundered out there or you went overboard or something. And I also reflect on the bravery of the historic mariners who set off across this vast space without a clear knowledge of what lay over the horizon or equipped with ships that could do 20 knots 24 hours a day. Heroes.
So, we were very pleased to arrive in Honolulu and touch dry land again.
On our last night of the crossing we had dinner in the Marco Pierre White restaurant aboard. It was excellent, well worth the cover charge (£12.95). I started with fried blue soft shell crab and followed by rack of lamb and then a deconstructed black forest gateau desert of cream, cherries, chocolate and kirsch. Divine. Bob had to finish it!
We’ll definitely eat there again before we get home.

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