Down Mexico Way

Down Mexico Way
Huatulco, Mexico

Huatulco, Mexico

A fantastic day in Huatulco, Mexico. We came in to the bay at around 830 and were on the dock for 9. A stunning sail-in. The bay is massive and lined with beaches and coves of different sizes. None of them very developed which surprised me. We were escorted in by pods and pods of dolphins and apparentl some whales but I didn’t see them. the cliffs and rocky outcrops reminded me of Northern California or Cornwall. Behind the bays were rolling green hills and behind them some towering peaks. Mexico is beautiful.
The main part of town which is nothing more than a village is at the head of a narrow bay that has had the cruise pier built out from it. The Captain must have nerves of steel driving the ship in. Not a lot of clearance on either side and indeed the bow was only about 200 yards off the beach when we tied up. I wonder what Arcadia clears…. it can’t be that much. I’ve never seen such a huge ship so close to the shore before. We walked through the little town – quiet – and got a taxi to a beach we’d heard had good wifi – Play Cuehoe. It was 3 dollars and 10 minutes away.
This beach was really very quiet. A couple of beach clubs on the back of it and about 5 other people. We made a base camp at one of the beach clubs. It was free if you ate there. Fantastic facilities: lovely double bed four poster cabanas, a swimming pool, restaurant, showers etc. We spent a really lovely day there. The chap started trying to sell us cocktails at about 0930 and I was very surprised when Bob started in on the Mexican beers!!!! I virtuously had a coffee and then later 2 margaritas. LOL. Did lots of reading and lots of swimming.
Later on, we facetimed with the girls for a long time. So good to see them and hear their voices and all their news. We shall see them in just a few weeks now.
It remained quiet at our beach all day. Amazing. We had a nice lunch – salmon ceviche for me and a chicken and bacon burger for Bob. The whole day including cocktails, beds, lunch etc only cost us about $45. Well worth it. They got us a cab back to town at about 330 and we had some more swims on the town beach. So wierd to be swimming so close to our ship.
Went back on board at about 4 and up to the rear pool deck. More swims. There was a sailaway party at 430 but we didn’t actually sail till later because a man had a heart attack and sadly died and he and his wife were disembarked to be flown home. Poor woman.
We finally sailed at about 630 and the sunset was very nice. Tonight there was a 60s/70s party up on the open deck. Fun under the moon! It’s hot again now did I mention? About 30C today and hotter tomorrow. I guess it will last a week or so now till we are well up in the Atlantic. I hope so.

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