Still Christmas Here

7.1483741996.1-eve-resortStill Christmas Here
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Christmas is lingering in Goa. It’s a big deal here both with tourists and locals. Most Goans are Roman Catholics dating back to the Portugese Jesuits in the 1500s of course and the churches are plentiful, elaborate and crammed with devotees. It always fascinates me to see all the decorations up on the houses and businesses in this most tropical and low key environment. Even the businesses that are clearly Hindu run enjoy the season and wish you a heartfelt Happy Christmas and New Year.
We slept like logs last night and it was only the desire for a beach breakfast and the need to secure our sun loungers that dragged us out of bed and down to the beach. Salida, our beach shack of choice, has undergone a dramatic makeover this season. The rooms to the rear of the property have gone two storey and the restaurant itself now has a tiled floor rather than the traditional sand. New roof and décor. It looks lovely and it must be said that the tiled floor makes a massive difference. All the Nepali boys who work there gave us a big welcome. They are lovely.Our friend, Freddie, is staying next door at April 20, so after securing our loungers, I went in and had several cups of tea with her and a big catch up. Then Bob and I pegged out under the umbrella and the day passed in a daze of sleeping – why are we so tired and sleeping so much???? — and swimming. The sea was really calm today and warm.
Gloria, our good friend from Kathmandu arrived about 11am and there was more catching up. She is Executive Assistant to one of the top Llamas in Tibetan Buddhism and has lived in Kathmandu for 30 years. We love her. She’s funny, clever, and a dab hand at Scrabble. We didn’t play today however. Too tired.
Came home at about 4. Animals seen along the way: cows; dogs; cats; water buffalo and a large black pig! A woman was trying to chase the pig home which was quite amusing to see. Reminded me of an old nursery rhyme something about “pig pig jump gate” etc….
Tonight we met Gloria, her friend Yeshme, and Freddie at April 20 for dinner. Venus was very bright in the sky. I had two of their lovely g&ts — they give you a proper silver ice bucket with a lid and tongs – and a palak paneer. I ‘ll turn green within the week if this keeps up. There were some fireworks on the beach tonight. Walked back with Gloria and we called in at the village store, aptly named The Magic Shop, because it appears tiny but anything you want “magically” appears. There is a new rival though, just near our hotel so we gave them a bit of business too.It is great to be back in our “village”. Odd to reflect we know more people here than we do in Hawkinge…