New Arrivals

7.1484082553.prawn-masalaNew Arrivals
Palolem, India

Palolem, India

A good day at the beach. A solid 32C with a slight haze over the sky in the morning. We had some interesting new faces: Bimul (Young Nepali guy who has managed the bar at Salida for the last 5 years)/s brother, wife and baby, together with some friends arrived last night from the USA. The baby is very cute. They are staying there for 3 weeks which is lovely for Bimul. Then, another family arrived! The Cows! A small herd led proudly across the beach by the alpha male, giant horns and all. There were some calves too. They moved slowly in procession but were much faster on the return trip, chased away by the beach security guard!!!! Very funny.
Late morning some friends from Cyprus arrived. We’ve been telling Pamela and Eddie about Goa for a few years and they booked to come in in the summer. They are staying at the Tubki for 2 months and also have enticed two other couples (one of which we know) to come out for shorter periods. We were impressed they made it to the beach as they did not arrive at the hotel till 0430. Anyway, lovely to see them and we took over one of the chill out zones with Gloria and Yeshe and had lunch and a good catch up. I hope they have a lovely time. Always a bit of a worry when you’ve told people about a place in glowing terms…. will they like it??? Fingers crossed.
Had a FT call to Lucy who on her last day in Brazil. They fly back to the snow tonight. Technology is great for keeping in touch when we are spread around like this.
Have I told Patnem watchers that the Chai Shop has a new offering? The Chai Shop is a very small little café right in the heart of the village. It is not in the least bit smart or even attractive but the snacks it offers are really good, incredibly cheap and the hygiene is good, although you’d not believe it to look at it. It is a favourite for a light breakfast for long term Patnemites. Up until now their breakfast offerings have consisted of a fried egg sandwich in a wonderfully just baked bread roll or vegetable samosas, likewise freshly baked. Obviously you can also get cups of chai, tea or coffee there too. The samosas are about 5p each! Well, they now offer a vegetarian omelette as well! And you can have it on a plate or you can have it in a bread roll. I haven’t sampled this offering but am assured it is delicious.
Tonight we all went to dinner at Namaste, a beach restaurant, also Dawn, Gloria’s housemate came and joined us. Had a most delicious prawn masala washed down with 2 margaritas. Someone must have been having a birthday at a restaurant a little further along the sands because there was a massive firework display. Went on for about 10 minutes. We were all very impressed. Sat talking till about 1030 and then turned in.