Patnem, India

Patnem, India

The days are just drifting by. Bob and I are just moving between the Eve
Resort and the beach and then back again. Still persevering with the daily
walking and running in the sea. I think I can see a difference. I can certainly
feel the difference.

We’ve mainly been eating on the beach. We ate at Salida the other night
and they kindly moved a couple of tables down onto the beach for us. We
normally don’t eat there as we have spent the day with them, but the food is
just excellent and they are always so very pleased to see us. It was busy. They
have a lot of good TripAdvisor reviews so many people search them out

On Saturday, Pamela, Eddie, Deborah and David got back from their Golden
Triangle trip. It sounded as though it had been very successful although Delhi
Railway Station was a shock and an ordeal. It is very full on and you just see
everything there. Not great. We ate with them up at the Tubki on Saturday
night. It is odd to go back after our lovely stay last year. To walk past our
bungalow and Joe and Janet’s, and not see them sitting out. More of that

Anyway, glad to report that the Tubki restaurant is back on form after
last year’s disastrous season. They have a new manager and he literally cannot
do enough to please. The food has always been good and this year they have
returned a lovely ambience to the garden and pool area which makes eating there
a pleasure. Had a thoroughly good evening.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been election days in Goa and several
other states in India. That means “dry” days. No alcohol can be
served at all and even the bottles have to be hidden away. One restaurant
didn’t get them down quick enough and had the entire bar stock confiscated and
also a big fine. Back to normal from 5 o clock on Sunday. There is another 3
day dry in March when the results are announced. Things can get a bit excitable
so not a bad idea.

Today was a strange day on the beach. The sea has been like a
millpond since we arrived in early January but when we got to Salida this
morning, it was absolutely raging. There must have been a storm far out in the
Arabian Sea because there was no wind on the beach at all, just enormous
breakers. Some people were actually surfing! Standing up surfing I
mean. The waves were that enormous. So no swimming today.
Just waded out enough to be able to sort of dip down and get wet.

Tonight we went to the Steakhouse to see “lalaland”.
What to say….? I sort of enjoyed it but I think I was the only
one. The music is not memorable AT ALL. It’s like Steven Sondheim
but even worse…. The performances are good and there is great chemistry
between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Not quite sure what all the fuss is
about though other than as a reflection of the fact that there just aren’t
enough musicals being made these days. It was stylish. I liked the
sort of “theatre” feel it had… you can clearly visualise it playing
as a stage show sometime soon.