Cold and a Damp Squib!

7.1483781752.our-bedrooomCold and a Damp Squib!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Absolutely stinking cold! Just streaming. Hope it’s better tomorrow when we have a longish train journey. Bob and Stuart went into Chaudhi to get some money and supplies and to try and find some Lemsip but failed in that. I had breakfast at the beach and then met Janet at Gloria’s flat to pack her stuff up and bring it around to her new room next door to us. Her ex housemate, Dawn, came with us as she wants to co-ordinate Gloria’s care while we are away the next 3 days in Hampi.Anyway, we got Gloria comfortable and she is a bit better today Slightly less pain and clearer in mind. Hopefully that will keep improving over the next daysWhen we got back to the Eve Resort at about 4ish we packed up an overnight bag ready for the train tomorrow Then we walked back to the beach to Bougainvillea for dinner and a movie. We were 10. The movie was Manchester by the Sea and apparently it is up for 6 Oscars . I cannot imagine what they are It was the bleakest film, pretty much minus a decent plot. And well over two hours long. Seriously when the end credits rolled, I just went “NOOOOO” because I couldn’t believe I’d wasted so much time on such a squib. The saving grace for us was that it was free. Don’t waste your money on a ticket

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