Palolem and Dinners!

7.1484082553.prawn-masalaPalolem and Dinners!
Palolem, India

Palolem, India

Weather has turned even hotter the last few days. Yesterday we went to Cozy Nook at the far end of Palolem Beach for the day. This is one of our favourite spots. It’s quiet which is not the case for most of the beach; the food in the shack is good and the loos are ok. Bob and Stuart decided to walk there so they set off about 8, taking in an omelette sandwich from the Chai Shop on the way. These omelette sandwiches are the subject of much salivating. I’m going to have to try one and report back. Anyway, Fi and I tuk’d over, taking the beach bags. Set up camp at Cozy Nook and had breakfast there – very nice vegetable omelettes. Just as we finished Bob and Stuart arrived and promptly ordered Second Breakfast: Poached eggs on Swiss Rosti. Looked yum.
Palolem Beach is on a slight angle to the sea and is sheltered by two headlands so it is always dead calm. It also runs shallow for a long way out, consequently the water feels very warm. A real pleasure to swim in. 20 years ago it must have been utter paradise. It’s still a nice beach but much busier than Patnem and I wouldn’t want to be based there. Nice to visit though.
We went back to Palolem last night and ate at Ciaran’s. Another lovely evening. Eddie and Pamela joined us. A blues artist was playing tonight and he was good. I had tandoori chicken which was very succulent. Bob and I shared a jug of sangria. It wasn’t heavy like Spanish sangria, quite light and with a sparkle. Really enjoyed it. Today, Bob played golf at the Lalit with Stuart and Eddie. They played 9 holes this time as it was very hot and Bob’s shoulder started to play up. Still, sounded like they really enjoyed it. Bob went into Chaudhi afterwards and got some money out and bought a walking stick for Gloria. I went to the beach with Fi and we had a day at Salida. The sea was like a bath today. So warm. Tonight we went to the Steakhouse for dinner and a film. The film was meant to be Eddie the Eagle but there was a technical fault with it so they put Sully on instead. It was very enjoyable. Tom Hanks is always good. Nice steak dinner too for just less than £4.