Last Steakhouse Film!

7.1484864436.bob-and-iLast Steakhouse Film!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

A couple of quiet days on the beach in Patnem, just really enjoying the sun, sand and peacefulness. Very quiet now. Last night we ate at Café Fiesta on the beach – always good for fish as well as Mexican food. I actually had palak paneer, my all time favourite, for probably the last time this trip. Such a treat to sit out in a sleeveless dress under the stars. Tonight we went to the Steakhouse in the Ourem district of Palolem. Had a steak of course, Bob had a prawn Thai dish. Just so good. The film was excellent too. “The Accountant” starring Ben Affleck. I had little expectation of it but I’ve got to say it was totally excellent. Honestly, look it out and watch it. Very gripping thriller with all sorts of twists and turns and with an intriguing autism theme that runs through. I enjoyed it so much. Came back to find that there had been a dreadful terror attack at Westminster with people killed and terribly injured. Our first thoughts are always the girls.. Lucy was in Fareham we could see on Find My Friends but couldn’t see where Daisy was. Rang her and she was in the flat in Mitcham. A huge relief. It looks really bad with people mowed down on Westminster Bridge and in the courtyard of Parliament. At least they got the guy. It’s a miracle there are not more of these attacks. We have so many that have come back from Syria or been radicalised here in the UK. The security forces do an amazing job of keeping tabs on them but its inevitable that some will get through the net. So sorry for all the people involved and their families who just happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time.

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