It’s All About the Food….

So, today I’m afraid we ate a lot again.. Bob keeps saying we’ll go home the size of a house.  I keep saying, so what’s changing in that!???  Anyway, I started well.  Despite a stellar breakfast spread, I restricted myself to a black coffee or two, knowing we were heading out to some food markets.  This restraint lasted well… well…. it lasted till lunch, but more of that later.

We visited two local villages today for marketing and other foodie delights, plus a wine collective.  The produce is of course, amazing, and so many varieties of fresh vegetables, cheeses, breads and other delights.  It is production on a small, local scale by people who are clearly proud of their results and take a delight in your delight in tasting them.  Which we did.

After all this tasting and admiring we ended up in Marciac, one of the most picturesque villages in this area.  The main square is straight out of Beauty and the Beast, lots of timbered buildings with quaint roofs and red tiles….  Enjoyed a shop fuddle and a coffee and watched the world go by.

This area of France is very natural and rural.  It’s a farming community above all else.  Lots and lots of produce and wine of all kinds.  It’s not an area with a lot of sightseeing, no grand chateaux or castles.  Instead, you see a way of life that has probably essentially changed little in a long time.  The towns and villages are very unspoiled.  Not difficult to imagine them during the war or even earlier.  Marciac is very typical.

Then we came back and devoured some more of Mike and Sheila’s home grown produce.  First a tomato, mozzarella and basil salad that was just delicious followed by Mike’s take on cassoulet, a beany porky treat.  All washed down with more local wine.  It was about 3pm by the time we finished lunch and with temperatures hovering around 30C, we retired for a nap.

About 5ish I ventured downstairs and we ladies met up in the Jacuzzi in the garden and wallowed for a while putting the world to rights over a g&t.  The water was not heated and it was just fabulous to be immersed in it.

Tonight we had the rest of our lunchtime meal: lemon meringue posset and the cheese board.  Watched the sun set over the fields of maize….. Another day tomorrow with various vineyard visits and a “typico” lunch out…. sigh…..


  1. We’re off to France next week so leave some sunshine for us. We are heading down to below Bergerac. Keep entering the temperatures in your blog to help with our packing. Love Linda xx

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