This morning we headed off to the market in Vic-en-Bigorre, a rather larger town perhaps 30 minutes drive away.  There is a sizeable undercover market with more stalls all around the edge.  Outside the stalls are mostly clothes and jewellery.  Inside it is more traditional: cheese; bread; vegetables; fruit; meat; small animals for the pot .  We had a good wander about, bought some gorgeous goats cheese and then made our way to a nearby little hotel restaurant for coffees.

Today was just as hot as yesterday but much more overcast.  Rain and a storm is on its way but not quite yet.

Got back to the house in time for a lovely lunch outside under the couvert.  Chicken in a Moroccan style with an accompanying dish of a ragout of tomatoes and sweet red peppers, cooked right down to a rich sauce.  I regret to say more afternoon sleeping then occurred.  What are we like?????  LOL.

Woke up about 530 ish and had aperos out on the poop deck and then a fabulous cheeseboard, including the two chevre cheeses we bought this morning.  It was still boiling hot.

Sorry not to have any new pix. But I do have two video clips:  Market video animals 

and The Market   Sorry, they are quite appalling quality!  I am still getting used to using the video on my camera phone.